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Tips for Effective Talent Acquisition Strategies

With the advent of Internet, the whole recruitment process has been given totally a new dimension. Earlier job seekers could look for jobs in advertisement posted in newspapers or on career sites. Social networking sites are the latest to join this revolution and make this task a lot simpler and easier for you. The huge … Continue reading

Leadership Qualities Needed For Start Ups

Leadership in a well-established company as compared to a start up is very different. While the former gives a comfortable environment to work in, the latter comes with a set of challenges that can be handled with a sense of freedom. Although much vagueness and indecision prevail, the satisfaction of working from scratch towards successfully … Continue reading

Managing Work Space

It’s an undeniable fact that the foremost factor for job satisfaction is the work culture and work environment around you. The work environment creates a positive impact on employees’ productivity and work efficiency. It lets an employee stay focused on the work and deliver productive results. Amidst all these, the crucial part is proper organization … Continue reading

Significance of Response from Your Employees

The key to the success of a business firm or an organization is by building a cohesive and harmonious unit within the organization. This is only possible when the employees working within the organization are completely satisfied and regularly given a chance to voice their opinion. So, feedback is a crucial element for organizational development … Continue reading

Technical Hiring In The Modern Age

An organization grows stronger with the assistance of the human resource being the frontrunners of the company’s success. In the contemporary business setup, Human capital is undoubtedly the dynamic force behind the success / failure of a company. Thus, hiring with the latest tools has become very important and when it comes to technical recruitments, … Continue reading

Strategies to Crack down Interviews

Interview is an effective technique that helps a recruiter to determine whether the candidate is fit for the required position or not. Before the big day arrives, nervousness and anxiousness is quite common- be it a fresher or an experienced person. It sends shivers down the spine and you may have butterflies in your stomach … Continue reading

Lucrative Consultant Jobs

Slowly emerging from the sluggish pace of the recession hit world economy, the job market in India and abroad is slowly picking up and is coming back on track. A hiring spree by various companies is steadily being observed with a healthy rise in on-campus recruitments. This has led to the rise in the number … Continue reading

On the Job- The “Mantra” For Effective Communication

The need for communicating and interacting with people is an imperative component of any job. In our professional lives there comes numerous occasion when it becomes essential to address a large congregation and elucidate an important point. Many people are panic stricken in such situations.  Here, comes the need for excellent and influential communication power. … Continue reading

Positivity and Emotional Balance At Your Work Place

Amidst the work pressure, it’s very easy to fall victim to negative energy that surrounds you in the work place. Negative energy can hamper your growth and development in the company. For a successful career ahead, it’s imperative to drive out negative energy and channelize positive energy around you. With this, it’s vital to be … Continue reading

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