Tips for Effective Talent Acquisition Strategies

With the advent of Internet, the whole recruitment process has been given totally a new dimension. Earlier job seekers could look for jobs in advertisement posted in newspapers or on career sites. Social networking sites are the latest to join this revolution and make this task a lot simpler and easier for you. The huge pool of talented candidates that you can access through these sites helps in creation of fruitful business relations with them and enhances the company’s brand visibility in the market. Read the tips that will help to better your talent acquisition strategy:

  • Build your company profile on these sites. Effectively communicate your company’s goals and aim and create pages where candidates can search for the required position. Separate job categories can be made as a person from an accounts background would not like to see information updated for the engineers. So, separate sections should be made for job requirement in different fields.
  • It is important to attract as many candidates you can to the company. Major social networking sites offer special advertising programs targeting only those profiles seeking an interest in them. This will help you to narrow down your talent acquisition process.
  • One of the most important benefits of social networking sites are employee referrals. There are special employee referrals software exclusively designed for these sites where the recruiters can have an easy access to the new employees’ referrals and keep a track of what they post.
  • Keep a tab on the fact whether these techniques are effective and prove as successful for your company or not.

These social networking sites are now playing a very significant role for the job seekers to get jobs as per their qualification and interest. Simultaneously, recruiters shall have a better choice to hire qualified talent as per their requirements, which they automatically acquire on the social networking sites.

Leadership Qualities Needed For Start Ups

Leadership in a well-established company as compared to a start up is very different. While the former gives a comfortable environment to work in, the latter comes with a set of challenges that can be handled with a sense of freedom. Although much vagueness and indecision prevail, the satisfaction of working from scratch towards successfully driving an enterprise, gives an experience unlike any other. But there are some essential qualities that a leader handling a start-up must have, in order to manage as well as lead with the minimum resources available at disposal. In this write up, we will discuss these qualities and the significant impact that the right leadership will have on the success of an enterprise.

  1. Ability to foster an environment with mutual trust and respect between team members
  2. Ability To Take Initiatives And Multi-Task: During the establishment of a new company when everything is new and the resources are limited, the leader should be able to Multi-task in the face of lesser manpower and the existing pressure to meet targets.
  3. Ability To Lead People: Operations in a start-up have a limited number of people, but the key is to have them working in close synchronization. Individual views always differ, but may escalate into problems in case of a hectic work environment.
  4. Excel At Guidance And Communication: At such a critical stage, the employees need guidance at every step while having complete information about the effect of their efforts and other information that must be properly conveyed to them. Uncertainty should be avoided at all costs.
  5. Mediating And Negotiation Skills: Making people from different backgrounds work on a same strategy towards a common goal is critical. A good leader in such a scenario should have a non-antagonistic mindset to sort out any differences.

While a start-up requires much nurturing to become a full-fledged company, the efforts of the employees, driven by a competent leader can reduce the time required for the same while maintaining work-place harmony. Although there are many other qualities that are required for such type of leadership, the above mentioned points are the major qualities that can make the leader turn the fortune of any company.

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Managing Work Space

It’s an undeniable fact that the foremost factor for job satisfaction is the work culture and work environment around you. The work environment creates a positive impact on employees’ productivity and work efficiency. It lets an employee stay focused on the work and deliver productive results. Amidst all these, the crucial part is proper organization and management of your work-station. This ensures that your valuable time is not wasted searching for the missing items while meeting your set deadlines. Read the write-up ahead and get yourself acquainted with some of the tips on effective management of your office space:

  • Collect all the files or important documents and arrange them as per their date of creation or in alphabetical order. It is important to locate items very easily without wasting much of your precious time. Similarly, gather all the CD’s and other office equipment such as pens, pins, letter heads etc and place them into your cupboards or drawers.
  • Garbage bins should be near to your work station, so that before unnecessary things gets piled up, you can throw them into the bins.
  • If you have a pin-up board right in front of your table, take time to remove all the old notices or circulars and put the new ones. Don’t just keep putting up the new ones as the whole place will look cluttered.
  • Another most important factor is that your place of work should be clean. It’s really distracting and annoying for an employee to work where there is a heap of dust lying around the table or PC.
  • Also, ensure that your work station is nearby the concerned department you have to deal with. If that is not the case, it can hamper your communication with other employees and staff members.

These are some of the basic tips for organizing your workspace that will surely have a positive impact on your work and deliver effective results. Try them out and as the time passes by, you will realize the difference.

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Significance of Response from Your Employees

The key to the success of a business firm or an organization is by building a cohesive and harmonious unit within the organization. This is only possible when the employees working within the organization are completely satisfied and regularly given a chance to voice their opinion. So, feedback is a crucial element for organizational development and sustaining a healthy working relationship between the employees and the employers. Feedback from employees keeps the employers updated on their problems or queries being faced. Enlisted below are certain important benefits of having feedbacks from your employees:

  • It keeps the executives updated on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. It gives a fair idea of the level of satisfaction of the employees. Moreover, it also tells them how motivated every individual is while working with that organization.
  • It makes the managers aware of the reactions/opinion of the employees on existing or new policies of the company. Furthermore, the employees have the full right to give some useful advice on what they don’t agree upon and how the working environment can be made better.
  • In case the work assigned to the employees is too much and they feel overstressed, they can honestly discuss this with their managers and a solution can be worked out for the same.
  • Since, the employees directly connect with the customers, so they can understand their specific requirements and communicate it to their superiors. But, this is only possible when the employees are asked to divert their feedbacks or suggestions to the higher authorities.
  • Feedback from employees is essential to make them realize that they are like family and that the company or the firm values their suggestions more than anything else. This boosts the confidence level of the staff and its direct impact is seen in their work performance.

Employee feedback is essential for the smooth working of any organization or firm. But the feedback should be taken on a regular basis and just not when the managers feel like it. The employees on the other hand should take into consideration that their suggestions or views are being given prime importance. With two-fold benefits, the feedback process helps both the employees and the employers by helping them to grow in a more proactive manner.

Technical Hiring In The Modern Age

An organization grows stronger with the assistance of the human resource being the frontrunners of the company’s success. In the contemporary business setup, Human capital is undoubtedly the dynamic force behind the success / failure of a company. Thus, hiring with the latest tools has become very important and when it comes to technical recruitments, then it is considered crucial for getting the right candidates.

  • Be it big technical firms or low-tech companies, the key to success lies in hiring individuals with definite and tested expertise in their field, for the technical personnel form the life-blood of the organization’s success.
  • The very nature of the technology sector is such that competitive forces are persistently at work, forcing you to out scheme them in a bid to maintain pace with the changing times.
  • Today with changing times the process of hiring has moved towards exceedingly integrated and extremely organized processes, focused on recruiting the top echelons of technical talent.
  • With globalization, today’s technical sources are recruited from a multiplicity of schools and countries.
  • Grasping information at relevant steps in the hiring process is imperative for finding the best candidate for an open role.
  • The distribution of open positions has spectacularly improved with large job sites.
  • Though experience and referrals are still important, the field for technical hiring has opened up to the veracity of the modern age.
  • It is to be noted that paper resumes and mail-in references have been substituted by modern recruiting software.
  • Modern tools provide the ideal blend of momentum and dexterity to deal with talent acquisition needs in the technology domain.

Modernization in the recruitment process has made talent acquisition more efficient, which helps to serve the needs of today’s technical recruiters. Thus globalization and impact of the World Wide Web has brought about a sea change in the process of technical hiring in the modern age.

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Strategies to Crack down Interviews

Interview is an effective technique that helps a recruiter to determine whether the candidate is fit for the required position or not. Before the big day arrives, nervousness and anxiousness is quite common- be it a fresher or an experienced person. It sends shivers down the spine and you may have butterflies in your stomach before a series of questions are thrown. Read ahead to know how you can overcome your interview phobia and get a dream job for yourself…

  • There is a famous saying that “first impression is a last impression”. In just 20-30 seconds of your meeting with the interviewer, you should be able to leave a positive impact on that person. Don’t sound too over confident or under confident. The company or the firm is probably looking for someone who’s confident and is willing to learn.
  • Don’t shout just to put your point across to the interviewer. Be calm and clearly put all your views to the recruiter. Don’t just keep blabbering as it is bound to throw a negative impression about you on the interviewer.
  • Don’t try to pretend or give a rosy picture of yourself. Behave the way exactly as you are in your real life. Your honesty will definitely work and it will pay off with mostly all the interviewers.
  • Most importantly, the laurels and accomplishment mentioned in your resume should be on your tips. If such is not the case, it would either mean you just copied from somewhere or wrote it way back and didn’t even bother to go through them.
  • Body gestures give off signals that you may not be aware of. Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer during the interview process. If you keeping looking here and there, you may give an impression that you are either not attentive or disinterested in the job. Have a warm and pleasing smile on your face and avoid using too much of hand gestures as they can be really distracting.
  • Next, your posture also attracts the attention of the interviewer. Sit upright; do not slouch as it conveys your confidence level.
  • It’s important to do your homework well and go through the company’ credentials before you appear in an interview. Also, be ready with your own questions that you may want to ask as it shows your enthusiasm towards the work and curiosity to learn more things. Never give an impression that you don’t have the ability to handle pressures as it will definitely turn against you. Be optimistic and show you can work in a team.
  • As soon as the interviewer stops asking questions, don’t just pack off your bag and leave the room. Only when he/she shows you a green signal say “goodbye” or end it with a handshake and quietly leave.

Your success in an interview not only depends upon the qualifications you possess for the required post. But, it largely depends on your body language and the way you behave. So, keep the above-mentioned points in mind to successfully crack an interview and pass it with flying colors.

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Lucrative Consultant Jobs

Slowly emerging from the sluggish pace of the recession hit world economy, the job market in India and abroad is slowly picking up and is coming back on track. A hiring spree by various companies is steadily being observed with a healthy rise in on-campus recruitments. This has led to the rise in the number of placement agencies in India and abroad. It has also led to an upward rise in consultant jobs and therefore the requirement for professional and trained manpower is suddenly urgently felt.

Development In Human Resource Industry

The human resource industry is witnessing an accelerated pace of growth and has become one of the highly competitive sectors today. The sector is generating a lot of employment within itself as in this age of tough competition, everyone consults an employment or recruitment agency for availing the right job opportunity. In today’s times, jobseekers approach these agencies, submit their resume and get placed as per their skills and interest.

Link Between Employers And Employee

Again, recruitment companies serve as a crucial link between employers and job hunters. These agencies often maintain a data bank of top MNCs, Corporate firms, IT firms and other companies and find suitable employees for job seekers who are freshers and have least knowledge of how to go about seeking job. Hence, this sector has several options for jobs as HR consultants, recruiters, HR managers etc.

Also, many big companies possess their own HR department and employ experts in the field to carry on the activities of the department. Joining HR department of a big company is considered to be a good prospect for an individual, both in terms of additional benefits and also good pay package. Besides, to cut down on companies’ expenditure on recruitment, they outsource work to placement agencies.

Human Resources Offers Lucrative Career Options

Therefore, a great job potential lies in employment agencies for fresher as well as experienced people. Also, for people who do not want to be associated with any particular company or agency owing to certain reasons, therein lies the option of working part time or as freelance consultants. This though is not as lucrative as working from office, but can be a convenient option if you prefer being your own boss.

In this internet age, finding right candidates from job portals or sites is also a part of the consultant’s job. Therefore, being tech-savvy becomes an integral part of this job. So, if you feel that you have the flair for tackling the challenges of placement jobs and possess all the requisite necessities; then placement agencies provide the right step in acquiring a bright career.

On the Job- The “Mantra” For Effective Communication

The need for communicating and interacting with people is an imperative component of any job. In our professional lives there comes numerous occasion when it becomes essential to address a large congregation and elucidate an important point. Many people are panic stricken in such situations.  Here, comes the need for excellent and influential communication power.

There are some who are born with exceptional communication proficiency but there is also the probability of mastering the art of communication.

Here are the “mantras”, which can guide you to master the skill of communication and be an effective communicator-

  • Survey - As a confident speaker, it is a must that you are clear about the facts and figures. Hence survey / research are mandatory such that you are on no account low on self-confidence and also no one can challenge you.
  • Specificity Of Topic - Being a communicator, you need to keep in mind that while making the presentation you speak on the specific issue. The presentation can be made interesting by quoting examples / incidents, which makes your presentation more credible.  It is vital to note that as a speaker if you divert the topic the audience is bound to get confused and loose interest. Hence, it is crucial that the presentation be logically arranged such that all the ideas are effectively communicated.
  • Adopt A Narrative Style - The audience can easily grab and understand your presentation if put forward in a story format. The interest of the audience and their involvement throughout the presentation is also generated by adopting this method.
  • Interesting Introduction And Conclusion - While preparing a presentation keep in mind that the introduction must be very interesting. The introduction needs to introduce the topic appropriately thus catching the attention of the audience. The introduction can be started with a quote, example, etc. The conclusion of the presentation needs to be planned in a way such that sums up the entire presentation. This is beneficial for the audience to who may have missed any point during the presentation.
  • Ensure Audience Participation - Generate the interest of the audience by posing questions.

By executing the above stated points with full confidence / perfection while making presentations at your work place you are sure to win the hearts of the people. Communication is an art and can be mastered with practice and motivation.

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Positivity and Emotional Balance At Your Work Place

Amidst the work pressure, it’s very easy to fall victim to negative energy that surrounds you in the work place. Negative energy can hamper your growth and development in the company. For a successful career ahead, it’s imperative to drive out negative energy and channelize positive energy around you. With this, it’s vital to be emotionally balanced as emotions have no place at your working place.  Read ahead to know further why it is essential to have a positive outlook and full control over emotions…

Benefits Of Workplace Harmonization

  • With positivity and balanced emotions, you would be able to combat work-stress. If you are able to accomplish that, half the battle would be won.
  • Moreover, a positive outlook towards the things would lead to more creativity and innovation in your work. Negativity can infect the entire work atmosphere and create a dip in the work output.
  • With perfect blend of positive outlook and balanced emotions, you will thoroughly enjoy your work and have maximum fun even when the situations are tough around you.
  • Deadlines and regulations are inevitable part of the working atmosphere. But, a positive approach can prevent your morale from dripping down and directly affecting you work. Hence, it will help you yield better results and accomplish your goals.
  • Negative outlook would make you anxious, irritated and depressed. You would loose interest in your work. In fact, you would just wait for the time to get out of the office.
  • If you are emotionally unbalanced, you will have trouble concentrating on your work and delivering 100% good result.

There may be situations when you may find it tough to cope up with challenges posed before you at your work place. You may bow down to pressure but a positive approach and balanced emotions will help you to excel in your field. In cases when these things are not taken into consideration, they tend to hamper your productivity and may have adverse affects on your mental health.


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