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Because Employees Matter- Here Are The Techniques For Employee Motivation!

An old fable says that one can take a horse to the water but cannot force it to drink; it will drink only if it’s thirsty. This same principle is applicable to humans as well. People tend to do what they feel is right unless advised to do otherwise. In an office, it becomes the … Continue reading

Leaving Your Job: Marking End Of Trail

The decision of leaving your current job is as hard as jumping off a cliff. But, certain times leaving a job is all you can do. New career opportunities, better position, money or boredom from current job are the few reasons that force people to leave the job and switch. At times, the pain of … Continue reading

Changing Careers, A Premeditated Decision

The current times is witness to burgeoning career opportunities mushrooming in different sectors. This has resulted in the trend of job-hopping, especially in corporate sector due to varied reasons. These reasons may range from want a change in job profile to losing interest in the present job to aspiration of a better salary. Plan Of … Continue reading

Measures For Evaluating A Job Offer

You are done with applying to various job offers, answering a number of wanted ads and finally it’s your turn to consider and accept job offers. You would have never thought that making a decision about ‘which job offer should you consider and which not’ could be so tough. This state of dilemma is probable … Continue reading

Search For Job Opportunities Before Relocating

Are you planning to move to a different part of the country or a different country altogether? Then it would be wise to consider the available job opportunities in that particular place before you relocate as that is one of the most important aspects apart from finding suitable lodgings. There are certain questions that you … Continue reading

General Tips To Become A Leader At Work

Entering into a corporate world of competition is something that everybody has to face someday or the other. But, there are only a few who have competency and skills to become the leader, where others just stay as the followers. How would you define leadership? Is it an art of dominating someone to get things … Continue reading

Workstation Etiquettes That You Must Follow

Work place becomes other home for people working 24×7 for five or six days a week. The desktop, notepad, pens and the chair becomes an important part of the life. It is very natural that an individual will keep his workstation just the way he/she keeps his home. Comfort is necessary when you have to … Continue reading

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