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Workplace Discipline: The Most Effective Steps

Workplace Discipline has so many aspects associated with it and many companies are realizing the effects of this factor on the employee performance as well as retention. It is something that’s often taken for granted by employees and needs to be handled with utmost caution at every level. While maintaining the perfect balance by being … Continue reading

Applaud the Strengths and Rectify The Weaknesses

Becoming a leader is no cat-mouse game. A lot of hard work and positivism is required to reach and justify a position of a leader. After reaching that height what most professionals do is simply pin-point the shortcomings in their system and the weaknesses of their employees. Do you think that it is a right … Continue reading

Worst Mistakes In Employee Management

Effective employee management has changed from the times when management was centralized and managers were used to ‘bossing around’ with others. In today’s highly competitive scenario and increasing work pressure, even the most peaceful work environment can leave the employees dissatisfied if the managers are not proactive towards handling every situation. This article discusses the … Continue reading

Recognizing The Intuitive Leaders: Top Three Signs

When it comes to counting upon one person in your organization for successful decision making, look for a leader who exhibits qualities such as wisdom, personnel insight, pattern recognition, trend anticipation and confidence. Such a leader is an intuitive leader. Intuition is something related to gut-feeling or sixth sense i.e. the instinct in a person … Continue reading

Placement Consultants: Your Perfect Aide

Do you feel that you are alone in the challenge of finding your dream job? Well, if you felt so, then you maybe wrong. There are several professional organizations, which are dedicatedly working 24 x 7 to help in the process of recruitment. Yes, we are talking about Placements Consultants that are bridging the gap … Continue reading

Tips for Behavioral Interview

Interviews are held with the aim to assess whether the candidate has all the required qualifications and qualities before he/she is employed for a particular position. But, now another style of interviewing i.e. behavioral interview is considered an effective way to predict the future behavior pattern of a prospective employee. Behavioral interviews are basically interviews … Continue reading

Significant Role of Placement Consultants In Recruitment Industry

The existence of a Placement Consultants in the Recruitment Industry has given a new hope to both recruiters as well as job seekers. Placement Consultant is a term that was coined for the middleman who matches a job vacancy with the right candidate, as per the requirements of the company. The services offered by Placement … Continue reading

Placement Agencies: Bridging The Gap Between An Employee And An Employer

You are not alone in this frantic job-hunting, as this task is also shared by placement firms having associations and employers in need of necessary manpower. Excessive competition, novelty, and expertise compel the organizations to recruit employees who are willing to make the organization’s goal as their own while offering the best performance. In the … Continue reading

Online Recruitment Made Easy And Quick

In the modern techno savvy era, the arduous task of searching for jobs and recruiting candidates can be easily completed with a few clicks of the mouse. Recruiting and job seeking has definitely become quicker with the availability of several job portals set-up for achieving this purpose. These sites have come as a blessing in … Continue reading

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