Workplace Discipline: The Most Effective Steps

Workplace Discipline has so many aspects associated with it and many companies are realizing the effects of this factor on the employee performance as well as retention. It is something that’s often taken for granted by employees and needs to be handled with utmost caution at every level. While maintaining the perfect balance by being a strict manager while allowing some leniency sounds difficult, it is very important nevertheless. But then management is all about organizing the right way, isn’t it? With this write-up you will come to know how to tread the thin line between maintaining discipline and keeping employees happy.

Be Strict But Not Hostile

While stating your displeasure for certain unwanted activities and laying out rules, you have to maintain the right balance and not come off as someone who wants to curb the freedom of employees. That way they tend to look for other opportunities even if they are placed at a good position.

Frame Guidelines Based On Facts

While creating disciplinary policies, research well on acceptable behavior along with considering the factors like-

  • Average age group at the office
  • The workplace environment
  • The scenario at firms that are known for higher retention rates

Set An Example

Just like parents have to act the way they want their children to behave, you have to do the same for your subordinates. For e.g. if you want them to avoid making long personal calls, shouting at others or arriving late at work-you need to be a role model and reflect positive actions. While punishment for wrong behavior may a bit harsh at times, you can start by rewarding good behavior.

Handle Issues Professionally

Back your warnings or disciplinary statements with written proof. That way you can never be accused of saying something unjust and can avoid hearing that the employee was not aware of a certain detail. You can issue letter of warning and suspension and even termination but in no way can you deny them their basic rights as a punishment.

Keep the channels of communication open to avoid frustration from creeping in the office environment. Remember, what may seem like an innocuous act today may be copied by others tomorrow, so don’t leave any loophole in your policies. Do not enforce any unjust rule on employees; you need to earn their appreciation as a good leader who wants to protect the organizational environment. This way you can even avoid any kind of untoward legal hassles as well.

Applaud the Strengths and Rectify The Weaknesses

Becoming a leader is no cat-mouse game. A lot of hard work and positivism is required to reach and justify a position of a leader. After reaching that height what most professionals do is simply pin-point the shortcomings in their system and the weaknesses of their employees. Do you think that it is a right approach? Probably ‘No’.

This isn’t a way to deal with the failures existing in the system. An extra effort is needed on your part to help the employees emerge victorious in their tasks. If you are a leader, be in true sense a leader. Find ways to pump up the moral of the employees rather discouraging them. Here, in this write up we will offer you some highly useful tips in which you can weigh the strengths of the team members and at the same time spot and work on their weaknesses.

Be A Silent Observer: It is to best to observe the working of your team from a distance. Make a note of:

  • Their way of working
  • Performance chart
  • Their reactions to different situations
  • Leadership skills
  • Are they following work ethics
  • Individual’s persona

Making a constant watch and maintaining a record of all the above can help you prepare a chart of the strengths and weaknesses of your team players.

Sit And Discuss
The next move of an efficient team lead will be to make the team members aware of your observations. Their weakness should be pointed in a straight-forward manner and not in a twisted form. Your point should be conveyed in a right manner not affecting anyone’s ego. Telling them before hand about their negative points can help them rectify the mistakes easily and within time. The only thing to remember is pose that member as a valuable asset for the organization so that he understands his shortcomings in a better way.

By pairing two people having different skills or one of them excelling in that skill enables both to learn from each other and grow considerably. Say for example if one lacks in persuading qualities and the other excels in it, then the weaker one can gain extensively.

Provide Growth Opportunities:
Arrange for seminars, training sessions either by company experts or by third parties. Allowing the team members to participate in such workshops can help them sharpen their skills. Focus on individual’s weakness and then involve him in an activity. This is a sure-shot way to improve the employees’ lacking area and emerge him out as a winner.

Failure Is Not End Of The Road:
If any of the team member meets failure, don’t abandon him rather help him to realize his mistake. “Failure is the hallmark of success” and after failure, success is sure to be achieved.

Following these few ways can assist any team leader in making his team outshine in a project. So, follow them carefully and strengthen your team and become a true team leader.

Worst Mistakes In Employee Management

Effective employee management has changed from the times when management was centralized and managers were used to ‘bossing around’ with others. In today’s highly competitive scenario and increasing work pressure, even the most peaceful work environment can leave the employees dissatisfied if the managers are not proactive towards handling every situation. This article discusses the worst mistakes that managers can make while dealing with the employees.

  • Not clarifying the goals and what exactly the organization demands from the employees. When you clearly lay out the goals and how their endeavors are fitting into the big picture, then you are opening up the window of encouragement while establishing their worth.
  • Humiliating Employees in front of others or talking negatively about other team members behind their back.
  • Thinking that people are aware of the reasons behind your decisions.
  • Discuss problems and solutions and not implement them. This leaves the employees more dissatisfied than ever.
  • Practicing the Halo Effect or in other terms, praising someone excessively just because of the one good quality that they have. This negates the opportunities where such employees can improve themselves.
  • Giving mixed signals and sandwich feedback. This is an unproductive way that further confuses the employee regarding his/her performance. You never know how one might take it-either blowing out the good or the bad points out of proportion as per their perspective.
  • Negligence in giving feedback is another mistake that gives rise to many sore issues about which the employees are often clueless.
  • Not addressing through constant one-on-one conversations.
  • Rewarding on a collective basis. While it’s true that collaborative efforts are the reason behind every project, yet you should consider the individual preferences of the employees while deciding how to give back for their special efforts.

The most common mistake is to take everything for granted because while working with so many different individuals at one place you cannot afford to underestimate anyone person’s reaction. If these mistakes are avoided, then not only does the workers’ productivity improve but it also lets the managers have less stress on their hands as compared to those who are not able to identify and rectify the problem areas.

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Recognizing The Intuitive Leaders: Top Three Signs

When it comes to counting upon one person in your organization for successful decision making, look for a leader who exhibits qualities such as wisdom, personnel insight, pattern recognition, trend anticipation and confidence. Such a leader is an intuitive leader. Intuition is something related to gut-feeling or sixth sense i.e. the instinct in a person that allows him to make choices, whether right or wrong. Many people associate intuition with pseudo-science i.e. the mystic qualities that are god gifted to a person or are naturally developed over a period of time. Also, when it comes to successful leadership, often you have to rely on your intuition. Albert Einstein, the Nobel Prize winner, once famously said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

An organization can only be successful when not only you as the head but all the people surrounding you have a sense of intuition. A leader’s intuition majorly comes to functioning when there is some conflicting information, lack of data & time or plethora of feasible options concerning a big decision. You necessarily don’t need to have a crystal ball to recognize who the intuitive leader is among the team members. By just conducting a survey, you can get to know about the one.

Top Signs

  • Experience vs. Luck
    Experience is the key to being an intuitive leader. Author Douglas Adams said, “human beings who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” Many employees make good decisions every now and then, but employees who have experiences of both successes as well failures prove an asset for the organization.
  • Wisdom versus Smartness
    Find out all the relevant information and then go with your gut-feel. As we grow older, we start believing in our instinct more and more. People use their intellect to form an instinct. Intuition should necessarily not be associated with smartness; instead it rests upon wisdom that helps in decision making. Intelligence by all means guides intuition.
  • Second Gear versus Second-Guessing
    People who effectively exhibit guess making power correctly reach out to solutions quite convincingly. When their instinct directs them or gives them a sign, they confidently shift in a particular direction or second gear. Individuals who don’t trust their gut feeling have a habit of over-analyzing data and therefore, they exhibit slow progress in their life.

So, intuitive leader scales success quite easily and immediately in his life. Besides, such leader has an ability to make the right choices in his future.

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Placement Consultants: Your Perfect Aide

Do you feel that you are alone in the challenge of finding your dream job? Well, if you felt so, then you maybe wrong. There are several professional organizations, which are dedicatedly working 24 x 7 to help in the process of recruitment. Yes, we are talking about Placements Consultants that are bridging the gap between the leading companies and the most wanted talent in the market.

Who are Placement Consultants?
Placement Consultants are professional firms, which help in bringing the employers and employees closer and thereby offer the companies skilled manpower, and the job seekers their ideal dream job.

Why Placement Consultants?
Placement Consultants have huge database of companies, job profiles and vacancies across all industries and various verticals. Therefore approaching a placement consultant is the right way in your endeavor to find your ideal job.

The Methodology Includes:

  • In- depth analysis of the clients’ requirement
  • Expert level screening process
  • Skill assessment through in-depth personal interview
  • Reference checks of the candidates before hand

Advantages of Approaching Placement Consultants

For Companies

  • Approaching  candidates with exact skills that is required by a company
  • Emphasis on HR than recruitment process thus provides higher productivity
  • Saves the cost spent on advertising
  • Offers a competitive and larger pool of candidates for better selection

For Job Seekers

  • Easy contact with prominent organizations
  • Negotiation facilities provided by the recruiters
  • Registration opens the door towards many opportunities at one place

Placement consultants streamline the recruitment process and provide pre-screened candidates to the companies. While this important function is taken care of, the companies can focus on other departments as well to achieve their objectives. With the latest recruitment tools at their disposal, placement consultants have emerged as a reliable source across diverse industrial sectors.

Tips for Behavioral Interview

Interviews are held with the aim to assess whether the candidate has all the required qualifications and qualities before he/she is employed for a particular position. But, now another style of interviewing i.e. behavioral interview is considered an effective way to predict the future behavior pattern of a prospective employee. Behavioral interviews are basically interviews where an interviewee is asked to demonstrate his/her knowledge, skills and abilities by recounting experiences from the past. Like you may be asked “There must have been people in your organization with whom you did not get along well. So how did you deal with people like these? Therefore, be prepared for any type of question that may come your way.

Here are certain tips that should be kept in mind while you are facing a behavioral interview.

  • Be Confident – The first and the foremost thing during any interview is that you should be confident and should not get nervous easily. Be ready to face all types of questions thrown at you.
  • Keep a Positive Outlook – It’s important that when you face any interview, you should sit with a positive mindset. Pessimistic attitude often leads to failure in all your ventures, whereas an optimistic attitude adds to the success in all your projects. Hence, you should be full of positive energy.
  • Give a Suitable Response – Your response to all the questions needs to be very specific yet preferred over those who reply in general terms.
  • Cite Relevant Examples – Always cite examples from school, class projects, internships etc., which is indicative of your past behavior. It’s important to sell yourself to the organization. Most of your examples should clearly indicate that a negative situation ended on a positive note because of your decisions and efforts.
  • Listen Carefully – Carefully listen to each and every question. Don’t just start blabbering. If you do that, you are sure to make a wrong impression in the eyes of your prospective employer.
  • Look Through the Resume – Before you sit for a behavioral interview, browse through your resume. Take a look at your achievements so that it will remain in your mind during the interview process.

This style of interview technique is slowly getting more popular among the organizations. So, it is likely that your next could be of the same pattern. If you keep the above mentioned tips in mind, you are sure to do well.

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Significant Role of Placement Consultants In Recruitment Industry

The existence of a Placement Consultants in the Recruitment Industry has given a new hope to both recruiters as well as job seekers. Placement Consultant is a term that was coined for the middleman who matches a job vacancy with the right candidate, as per the requirements of the company. The services offered by Placement Consultants are designed to meet the expectations and requirements of the company by providing them an eligible candidate.

Recruitment Industry, which is one of the highly competitive industries of the world today, is expanding its roots by efficiently meeting the manpower requirements of the society. Experiencing growth at an accelerated pace, this industry provides a platform to the job seekers and employers to meet and bridge the demand-supply gap.

How Do The Consultants Work?

  • Manage different databases of jobseekers and employees as per their eligibility and requirements, respectively
  • Collect and brief the profile of the job such as job responsibilities, desired experience, remuneration etc
  • Go through the database of job seekers registered with them
  • Update database on a day-to-day basis
  • Contact Job seekers via phone, email, walk-ins, etc.
  • Arrange interviews at a convenient place
  • Inform job seekers about the interview schedules and prepare them for the same

Role Of A Consultant For A Employer

  • Give updates about the latest demands in their sector in terms of skills and qualifications
  • Provide candidates as per their requirements
  • Arranging scheduled interviews as per the convenience of the HR manager
  • Help in coordination with the candidates
  • Brief the candidates about the company and its requirements
  • Make the task easier by clearing the subsidiary doubts

How To Identify A Good Consultant?

  • Good inter-personal & communication skills
  • Gauges potential suitability of a candidate for particular job role
  • At the initial stages, handles the responsibilities of the project along with a clear understanding of the terms of employment
  • Maintains follow-ups with the candidate in regard to their progress in the hiring process and even after placement

Placement Consultants have bridged the gap in between the job-seeking candidates and the recruiters by providing countable services in the Recruitment industry. They are not just helpful in matching the company’s requirements for a particular vacancy with the candidate’s profile but also help in briefing the job role, qualification eligibility, salary compensation, etc. that saves a lot of time and money for both parties.

Placement Agencies: Bridging The Gap Between An Employee And An Employer

You are not alone in this frantic job-hunting, as this task is also shared by placement firms having associations and employers in need of necessary manpower. Excessive competition, novelty, and expertise compel the organizations to recruit employees who are willing to make the organization’s goal as their own while offering the best performance. In the same way, job seekers are also looking for stability, financial growth, and global opportunities. Therefore a placement agency is an ideal option for both employers and employees to find their ideal match.

Why a Placement Consultancy?
Placement consultancies have wide reach among reputed companies across industries. Along with this, they also specialize in particular domains and dedicatedly offer manpower for these. Such consultancies are in search of jobseekers that can fulfill the given criteria for a vacancy in an organization. With their assistance, you can enjoy getting followed by leading employers and tap the right kind of job for yourself.

Demand from both ends i.e. employees and employers, has raised the need for recruitment firms globally. These demands are successfully catered by innumerable recruitment firms and job portals.

What Makes Placement Consultancies Right For You?
For experienced employees

  • Link up with the multinational companies
  • Receiving complete information about your prospective employer
  • Can match your level of skill, experience, and financial requirement with company’s job vacancy

For Fresher

  • Give you complete knowledge of the job requirements in the industry/company you are willing to work in
  • Tally your expertise and skills with the requirements of a particular job
  • You can also discuss a particular skill with the consultancy which you want to highlight to the prospective organization
  • Provision for necessary training and guidance
  • Regular follow up about the selection process on both ends

A rewarding job is the key to a secure future and a little assistance form a third party that has experience in the industry can prove beneficial for your career. In addition, a specialized manpower consultant will help you to get a job that will fulfill your financial requirement as well as career growth.

Online Recruitment Made Easy And Quick

In the modern techno savvy era, the arduous task of searching for jobs and recruiting candidates can be easily completed with a few clicks of the mouse. Recruiting and job seeking has definitely become quicker with the availability of several job portals set-up for achieving this purpose. These sites have come as a blessing in disguise for the job-seekers who can now apply for jobs and access many prospects with the help of the World Wide Web. But when it comes to the recruiters, what is required is devising a systematic technique to select the right kind of candidates and thereby establish contact with them to further your cause.

Smart tricks to recruit candidates online via job search sites-

  • Carefully scan through the resumes posted on the sites
  • Post your job with the requisite specifications and browse through the responses to get the prospective candidates

In most of the cases, the many corporate companies and other organizations find the second option more prudent, as it provides you the scope of having more control. But this in turn heralds the next problem. How can you improve the presentation of job information to attract the right candidates? The tips for achieving this purpose are as follows-

Using correct phrases and keywords

  • Stating things to the point
  • Using crisp and accurate words that are written precisely
  • Avoiding fancy language and long drawn out sentences
  • Using bullet points to highlight your requirements clearly

The basic criteria posted by the recruiter includes-

  • Job description
  • Qualification required
  • Location of work
  • Qualities desired in the candidate
  • Type of experience required
  • Brief background to the company the candidate was associated with previously

Besides these, recruiters should provide information on-

  • Job posting date
  • Accurate contact details
  • Prompt reply to the candidates’ response
  • Immediate removal of the job posting once recruitment is over

Wonders of RSS and XML feeds in Recruitment

In addition to these, the other limitations often faced by big companies and corporate houses during the process of recruitment is regarding the problems in posting job requirements in case of several job vacancies. The manual posting for this consumes too much time and resources. The best option is to adopt sites which permit free and bulk upload of job entries with the help of RSS and XML feeds.

The boon of internet has revolutionized the entire process of job recruitment and adopting the above mentioned tips would make the whole process even more smooth and easy for the recruiter with the minimum hassles.


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