Significant Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated

Success of an organization is always determined by the healthy and motivated employees working in it. We all know that it is always easy to scale success when all your employees are motivated and content with the environment in the organization.  Initially, it is very easy to set up a business, hire employees and work for the development of a company. But as the time passes by, it becomes necessary to keep your employees rejuvenated and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Are you by any chance feeling a lack of vigor in your employees? Do you feel that your employees are falling short of dynamism that is required to take the company on the path of success? If yes, then read this write up ahead to learn few tips by which you can retain or bring back the missing enthusiasm in your employees.

Step 1

Self Realization
Assess yourself. Are you displaying any of the behavior mentioned below?

  • Arrogance
  • Ignorance
  • Listening poorly
  • Breaking commitments
  • Taking other’s credit
  • Unappreciative
  • Demanding
  • Rude

If these are the traits you have been lately exhibiting in front of your employees, then you are surely on a risk of loosing the best talents of the organization. So, be calm and composed and try to bring back the lost fun and joyful culture in your company.

Step 2

Don’t micromanage
This is a situation where managers try to over-manage people. They try to be bossy and poke their nose in every affair of the company. In this case, the managers may feel that they are motivating their employees but in reality they end up in de-motivating the employees.

Step 3

Be honest
Always have a plan. Have you ever faced a situation where your employee tells you that he wants to leave the organization? If yes, then the simple way of tackling such a situation is to be honest and make them feel comfortable. Just ask them why they want to leave and offer them solution to their problems. Also, try to express your concern and make them stay with you. The best way is to tell them the benefits of staying with the company.

Sure shot tips to keep your employees motivated:

  • Incentives:
    These incentives can be vacations, free parking, any household item, movie passes, dinner, etc. Recognizing the good efforts of the employees will always keep them motivated.
  • Good Wages & Appraisals:
    Appraisals always work. Whether appraising salary or promoting by position, appraisals always keep your employees motivated to work towards the growth of the company.
  • Appreciation:
    Giving recognition to the work of your employees can surely work wonders. Tell your employees that they are an important resource for the company and that their presence is essential to the company.
  • Give them Responsibilities:
    Treat your employees as equals and give them serious responsibilities.

So, just follow the simple tips mentioned in the write up to let your employees feel your support and keep them motivated.

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Mistakes You Make While Searching A Job

A career is said to be the most important thing in anyone’s life and a job search is said to be like a journey in which you have to take the right turn to avail the best opportunities. But after countless hours in pursuit of a good job, most of the candidates feel left out which can be said to be a direct consequence of an improperly executed job search strategy. Through this article, you will be introduced to the mistakes you might make while searching a job, so that you can avoid them.

Weak resume
This is a common mistake that everyone makes when they start searching a job for themselves. People usually draft a resume that looks like a personal and professional timeline that can easily bore or mislead the recruiter. To get the competitive edge, make your resume more interesting by placing proper facts in it. Instead of writing about the things you did or performed, write about you accomplishments. Make your resume such that it clearly states how efficiently you will work for the organization.

No Online Existence
Today, every company’s hiring manager or recruiter searches the potential candidate’s name on the various search engines to gain knowledge about the candidate’s past. So, if you don’t have any online existence they will never find you.

As an alternative, they will check out the candidature of other prospects, clearly eliminating you from the competition. Make it easy for them and yourself by creating a smart online identity in the form of business and social networking profiles through various portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut, etc.

Take Advantage of Leading Job Portals
Placing your resume on job search sites will definitely widen the scope of job opportunities for you, but, make sure you do not solely rely on them. Of course, they provide you thousands of jobs but, in reality only 10% – 15% of jobs are advertised on these sites. It means that 85 % – 90% of the vacancies are not present on these sites. Other areas where you can search include:

  • Websites of companies, where the openings are placed and updated from time to time
  • Making use of the search engines to find jobs al over the internet (but keep a tab on the quality and authenticity)

Lack of Planning and Research
Walking on a path without directions, sometimes leads you towards a ‘Dead End’ i.e. you will never reach your destination and this can also happen in an unplanned job search. Before starting a job hunt, research the industry or the market of your desired field carefully. Helping you to get the desired results within a short period of time , this planning can address questions like-

  • What position are you targeting?
  • In which Industry you want to work?
  • How will you search your job?
  • How many hours in a week will you dedicate towards the job hunt?

Placing Importance on the Salary
Most of us enjoy our work because we get fairly paid for our job. But many of us are not willing to explore more jobs because of the one and only one question ‘How much we will be paid?’ which is totally a wrong conception. If you are getting a job that you enjoy doing and which pays you fairly as per the profile, then why this attitude? Leave this attitude and don’t miss the bus.

Search for new Opportunities
While working, everyone’s mind shifts from job hunting to job performance. Most of us stop searching even after being stuck in a wrong position, which is totally erroneous. Yes we all know that one should be happily committed to the job for a consistent profile, but one can explore the opportunity to get a higher paid or good position. Always be open to avail these types of opportunities to gain more in life.

Don’t worry, Job hunting is not a rocket science, but avoiding common mistakes like these can certainly make your carrier work like a rocket. Always going up, up and up…..

Booming Employment Opportunities In The Indian Market

The recession that hit the world economy, also hampered the recruitment drive in India to a large extent. The corporate sector was affected the worst of all. Forget about recruiting new people, the recession resulted in large scale lay-offs at all hierarchical levels and substantial salary cuts for almost all the employees. But, now India has recovered from the recession and wide employment opportunities have been opened up for the people in every sector as the employers are on a hiring spree.

Current Scenario
BPO Sector: India is the considered the hot destination for all the major outsourcing tasks. Hence, many BPO’s have come up, creating a lot of job opportunities in this sector. Companies like Genpact, HCL Technologies and many more are considered to be top recruiters in this sector. More and more youngsters are getting attracted here because this sector offers a lucrative entry-level opportunity for them aside from excellent pay packages.

Banking: There have been major job opportunities in the Banking sector too. A large number of private banks have been set up resulting in the requirement of more staff. Not only Private sector banks but Government banks like PNB, SBI etc. are hiring people for various posts as well.

Education and Pharmaceutical Sectors: With the spurt in the number of private institutions in the country, there are ample job opportunities in the Education sector too. So, the newly built private institutes are recruiting staff for various posts at a rapid pace. With huge growth in terms of Start-ups and Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical sector, companies in this sector are also on a hiring spree.

Media: This sector is also not far behind. With the coming up of so many print publications and news channels, there is an increasing demand for more reporters, correspondents or journalists. Hence, many companies are hiring staff for their organization in large numbers.

Not only these, but various other sectors are also recruiting on a large scale. Such an aggressive stance of the job market has surely opened the doors for people from any professional background. So, with the economy set to retain its growth in the coming times, a job seeker like you has excellent prospects of definitely finding a good opportunity in you area of interest.

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Online Job Search- The Gateway for Job-Hunters

Won’t many of us agree that job-hunting is just like a full-time job or atleast a demanding part- time job? With loads of applications to fill, advertisements to track and tons of resumes to be sent, job-hunting is a rather labor-intensive activity that entails a great deal of dedication, in order to accomplish a victorious outcome.

As a job-seeker a person will want to avail all the possible options that are accessible and in today’s time the internet is the prime choice. It is absolutely astonishing to learn how the internet can augment your job search. The daunting task of job search can become a lot easier and hence the benefit of online job search becomes evident.

Merits of Online Job Search-

  • The simplest and convenient way to search for the most appropriate jobs.
  • If you are unhappy with your current job, you can exploit the option of passive job search through these sites and get identified by a recruiting bureau for a position that suits their requirements.
  • Resume uploads are usually free and the job portals contain filters and intelligent tools that do not reveal the person’s name or current employer to safeguard their privacy.
  • Online job sites have become the principal means used by companies to fill entry and mid level positions.
  • The employment portals also help companies that search for candidates to fill many positions in a short span of time, as they give admittance to a database of resumes ready for them to search and arrange for interviews.
  • The online job search websites also present news and information about the job market, resume building and profiling services for jobseekers.
  • One cannot deny that the Internet is a particularly rapid way to conduct a job search. With the click of a mouse you can learn about job openings, e-mail a cover letter and resume to a prospective employer with the blink of an eye.
  • Dedicating barely an hour to Internet search, you can find out a great deal about a would-be employer from the company’s website address listed on the portal.
  • An online job search can also be quite extensive. The World Wide Web is a gigantic source, permitting you to discover a world of opportunities. By posting your resume on a job- oriented website, the likelihood of reaching thousands of employers is heightened.

Online job sites have transfigured the employment scenario for both employers and job seekers. It has principally augmented the competence with which hiring decisions can take place as the candidates can be contacted real-time. An additional advantage is that it does not involve a middleman to evaluate or choose the required candidates. So, it can be said that Job Portals have emerged as a much needed tool that have streamlined the recruitment process quite successfully.


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