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Significant Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated

Success of an organization is always determined by the healthy and motivated employees working in it. We all know that it is always easy to scale success when all your employees are motivated and content with the environment in the organization.  Initially, it is very easy to set up a business, hire employees and work … Continue reading

Mistakes You Make While Searching A Job

A career is said to be the most important thing in anyone’s life and a job search is said to be like a journey in which you have to take the right turn to avail the best opportunities. But after countless hours in pursuit of a good job, most of the candidates feel left out … Continue reading

Booming Employment Opportunities In The Indian Market

The recession that hit the world economy, also hampered the recruitment drive in India to a large extent. The corporate sector was affected the worst of all. Forget about recruiting new people, the recession resulted in large scale lay-offs at all hierarchical levels and substantial salary cuts for almost all the employees. But, now India … Continue reading

Online Job Search- The Gateway for Job-Hunters

Won’t many of us agree that job-hunting is just like a full-time job or atleast a demanding part- time job? With loads of applications to fill, advertisements to track and tons of resumes to be sent, job-hunting is a rather labor-intensive activity that entails a great deal of dedication, in order to accomplish a victorious … Continue reading

Million Dollar Question Asked By Interviewee

Job interviews constitute the most significant moment of your life in terms of planning your career. The term job interview itself is eloquent and says about the involvement of at least two people-the interviewer and the interviewee. Again, in job interviews it is a preconceived notion that the person occupying the seat of interviewee is … Continue reading

Internships: Foundation Of A Successful Career

Doing an internship is a sure shot way towards making a successful entry into the career of your choice. You can either use the opportunity given by your educational institution or make a foray on your own for getting an internship. In both cases, internships prove to be an excellent way of making your resume … Continue reading

Tips For Finding Green Jobs

Green Jobs must be a new concept for many of you. You must be wondering what a green job is? Green Jobs, also known as Green Collar Jobs, are jobs which help to protect ecosystems and bio-diversity and which reduces the consumption of water, energy and material resources. These jobs are related to fields of … Continue reading

Requirements For Teaching English Abroad

Teaching is one of the noblest professions a person can undertake. Teachers are respected all over the world as they are the imparters of knowledge. Have you ever thought about teaching and that too abroad? There are various jobs you can find abroad related to different fields like science, humanities, arts, commerce, etc. Most of … Continue reading

Career Prospects in IT Sector

Presently IT industry is experiencing an accelerated growth in the global market and also there have been certain variations in the industry over the past few years. Seeing this, the demand for the IT professionals have ascended in the recent years. Thus, IT industry have opened a vast choice of IT careers to choose from. … Continue reading

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