Preparation For A Job Interview

Passing out an interview after receiving a call from the company of your choice can make your dreams come true.  No one would like to fall at the last hurdle (an interview) which is the toughest one to face and needs a lot of preparation. We provide you the tips that will help you face even the hardest of job interview with smoothness and smartness.

  • Research Work
    Before appearing for an interview, you need to do a quick research for the company as well as for the person who would be interviewing you. Visiting the company’s website can help you find out the relevant information. You should as well be efficient in the knowledge of the products the company is selling and dealing in.
  • Reviewing
    Proper reviewing of all the documents can help you getting through with the interview. Thus, by doing so you can easily answer if asked about any specific details. Having all such details on your finger tips will leave a good impression on the interviewer.
  • Carry Extra copies of the important documents
    The interviewee should not forget to bring an extra copy of the CV, passport, portfolio etc. with him as these can be asked for at any time in an interview.
  • Asking questions
    Asking questions related to the company from the interviewer will reaffirm your interest in the company and its dealings. Listen carefully to the answers you get because you can be questioned for the same.

Thus, an interview involves everything from careful listening to efficiently answering along with paying attention to each and every small and big thing. From your interviews skills, the interviewer will be able to make out whether you are the candidate they are looking for. so, just be confident and prepare well…..

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Hyderabad: The Ultimate Career Destination

Hyderabad, a city which is often termed as the silicon valley of South India has emerged as the ultimate career destination for freshers looking forward to a rewarding and a satisfying professional career. Be it IT-enabled services, pharmaceuticals, Call centers, Entertainment industry, Computer software companies, Software consulting firms, Business process outsourcing unit or any other, Hyderabad has all these career options to offer on the platter. Some of the major reasons, which have helped Hyderabad to transform itself into the most promising city with prosperous future are:


Hyderabad is a reputed place to undertake your IT and Bio-technology study and is preferred by not only Indians but even foreign students for the same. The rapid development and expansion of educational setup especially for technical and professional education institutes has given employers confidence of finding talent and skilled manpower for their company.

IT Sector

The city is often called the Indian Silicon Valley because of the presence of major national and multinational IT companies which operate here. This has made it a booming career hub especially when it comes to IT, software and BPO related jobs. The ample and satisfying opportunities that Hyderabad offers make it ideal career destination for people who have chosen IT as their future.


Hyderabad has a rich cultural heritage and diverse historical background. This has made it a very popular tourist destination among local as well as foreign tourists. The developing tourism industry and professional treatment given to this segment by government as well as private business has also made tourism a very popular career option over here. The increasing demand of manpower in tourism sector has also called in hardworking aspirants to this city to build their career in this field.

These are just few of the major factors, there are several other factors which have helped in the transformation of Hyderabad into a career destination where everyone wants to be.

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Top E-Mail Etiquette Tips

E-mailing has changed the way we write, but that does not mean that we can forget all the rules that governed the conventional mode of written communication. When it comes to writing e-mails for business or for that crucial job application, you need to be all the more cautious and write with a professional flair.

In this write-up you will come across the most important tips to bear in mind while writing an e-mail that will make the right impression on the receiver or the reader.

Watch the Tone and language

  • Address the person formally with their appropriate title and end with a proper note
  • Use professional terms and phrases and avoid abbreviated forms
  • Keep the written format as polite as possible by using the appropriate words. Also, avoid capitalizations unless necessary.
  • Use the same fonts throughout the mail, do not use larger fonts and avoid adding any color.
  • Check and double check grammar, spelling and typos through automated and manual checking

Mind the Content

  • How you write a certain thing matters but what is more important is what you are actually writing. Stick to the main reason why you are writing the mail and keep it short. Writing longer mails with detailed explanations can only make these reach the trash bin soon after they are opened by the receiver.
  • Define a format and adhere to it. State your objective for writing the mail, refer to any attachments present in the mail and keep your content professional by avoiding the use of emoticons or informal email addresses.
  • As for the attachments, you can ask beforehand whether these can be sent or not. Nowadays, with many mails circulating on the net with viruses, people have become vary of opening mails with attachments or links to other sites.
  • The best way to write the email is draft it beforehand on any of the writing software and then paste it in the compose message box. That way, you can carefully check the details and when you are sure about the same you can just fill in the subject and the recipient’s address in the ‘TO’ field to avoid any accidental mistakes.

These etiquette tips have been drafted as a result of the most common mistakes that people make while sending an e-mail. Make sure you follow these the next time you write one so that your e-mail can make the desired impact.

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Graduation to First Job: Making the Switch

For most of us, graduating from a student to a working professional is the greatest transition in life. It means leaving behind those carefree days and arriving in a different world that makes you responsible, independent and more in control of your actions. Though the first job is casually taken by many but in real time it is also a stepping stone towards acquiring the right attitude that will dictate your professionalism for the rest of the life. In this article you will find important tips for making a lasting first impression that will make you the cynosure of all eyes in the office; be it your peers, supervisors or the boss.

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind especially for your first job:

Be Punctual

Punctuality is a virtue that is highly demanded and valued by seniors. You need to arrive as well as leave at the proper time and avoid extending your lunch break. It shows that you take the job seriously and are also good with time management. This even goes for completing tasks by the deadlines, which should be taken with much seriousness.

Be a Fast Learner

You must have stated it emphatically in the interview that as a fresher you are very keen to learn. Now, is the time to prove this. Listen, observe, ask questions, discuss, and make notes- do everything to make sure that you understand the system well. You can even attach yourself to mentor who can guide you perfectly and let you learn from his/her mistakes.

The Dressing Matters-A Lot!

The dressing styles may vary from profile to profile, but there should always be a level of decency in your attire as this speaks volumes about your personality. While those at a higher post need to be more conservative, you can easily know what to wear by watching your peers and supervisors.

Mind your Ps and Qs

You may become familiar with the official environment after some time but that does not mean that you can behave just the way you did in college. Every office has a certain set of professional etiquettes like:

  • Having telephonic conversations politely
  • Saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’, wherever necessary
  • Not roaming in the office without purpose
  • Knocking and asking for permission before entering
  • Following etiquettes in meetings

Office Gossip: Deal With This Unavoidable Problem

As interesting as it may sound, gossiping in the office is a complete no-no. But how does one manage this? The best way is to participate as a listener and not contribute anything as it could be misconstrued in any manner.

Becoming an ideal employee in your first job is not a very tough nut to crack, especially if you pay close attention to the prevailing corporate culture and blend yourself properly. While agreeing with your seniors is okay, you should avoid becoming a flatterer with a herd mentality. Stand out for the right reasons and surely you will be looking ahead to an illustrious career in any field that you choose.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Job Interviews

Styles of job interviews differ from company to company. From one-on-one interviews, to telephonic interviews, there has been a paradigm shift in the style with which interviews are conducted these days. Many companies in a bid to save their money and time prefer telephonic interviews over one-to-one or panel interviews these days. Besides, behavioral interviews let the company select the most competent candidate professionally as well personally. Read the write-up ahead to get a quick look on some of the types of interviews that are conducted in the present scenario.

Screening Interview

In this interview, an interviewer confirms the claims made by the candidate regarding his qualifications, abilities and accomplishments. Based on facts mentioned in the resume, the interviewer asks several questions. Candidates not falling in line with these norms are disqualified. Often, screening is done over the phone itself. A lot of thorough study of the resume and understanding of the candidate’s profile is required to find inconsistency in the information provided in the resume, if present.

So, for candidates it is a must to put their information in front of the interviewer or in the resume in a straightforward and transparent manner. Be simple and don’t cover up for your drawbacks. Answer in a direct manner to the direct question. Don’t even think of acting smart by avoiding anything.

Group Interview

It usually comprises of a set of candidates sitting in a room in which they are provided with a controversial topic to debate on, for 25-30 minutes. The judges don’t interfere in the proceedings but they observe the candidates peculiarly and assess their performance. In this type of interview, candidates are generally judged from the way they present themselves, the questions put forth by them, expressions, ideas and style of interaction. All a candidate is required to do is interact and participate actively. Apart from this, a judge also assesses the candidate on attributes like leadership qualities, proven abilities, team spirit, interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Informational Interview

Immediate appointment is not the aim of this particular style of interview. The major purpose is to gather information about career and opportunities that are offered. Job hunting through planned networking is what this session or interview basically focuses on. Interaction with people excelling in particular fields can help a candidate in gaining information about a concerned industry. It also helps in developing confidence. Many a times, an informational interview even leads to the appointment for a particular position.

Tag-Team Interview

Two or more employers will form the panel in this type of interview. Both the interviewers will view the candidate’s profile from their own angles. As per the skills and personality, the candidates are chosen. A candidate should always keep in mind that different panelists have different agendas of judging and a candidate should suffice both criteria.

These are the types of interviews that are commonly practiced by small and big corporate houses in India.

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Mastering The Interview for Your Dream Job

Mention a Job Interview and it sends shivers down the spine for all, be it a fresher or an established professional looking for a positive change. These interview blues occur mostly when you are just a few minutes or hours away from your dream job and these blues ruin the interview, leaving regrets for the rest of your life. However, proper and thorough preparation for a job interview can help you in achieving not only professional success but even get you over the fear of proving your mettle and the worthiness for any job.

Prior Preparation
This is an obvious point, when it comes to a job interview, as most of the aspirants are prepared for the interview. However many people often in the stressed out situation tend to forget important documents, details, contact person’s name and many other things that add to the nervousness and anxiety.

Make a checklist before leaving for the interview and check if you have completed all the necessary tasks required to be done beforehand. Some things which you must keep in mind before an interview are:

  • Name of the person you are meeting
  • Correct pronunciation of the interviewer’s name
  • Address
  • Time
  • Approximate length of time the interview is expected to take
  • Directions to get to the meeting venue

Get familiar with the type of Interview
There are different types of interviews that companies opt to discover varied dimensions of the candidate’s personality. These include one-on-one interview, a panel interview or a group assessment activity. Get familiar with the type of interview that you are expected to face. This will act as an added advantage to your performance.

Appropriate Dressing
Understand the kind of work profile you are interviewing for, because different professions have different dress codes. For instance a journalist might look more appealing in a Khadi Kurta, whereas a management trainee would look for ready for his job in formal clothing. Also try avoiding overdressing and adding extra jewelry, deodorant or perfume.

Gather basic information about the company
Ensure that you have basic knowledge about the company, its working and operations along with the name of the CEO or MD. You can avail important information about the company from their website or an annual report or even an advertisement catalog. Also, try and understand the mission, vision and principles on which the organization is built.

Know your resume
Make sure you know each and every world typed in your resume to avoid embarrassment during interview. If things in your resume don’t tally with what you say, then this will definitely create confusion; leading to your bad image and will ultimately cost you the job.

Keeping these basic yet important points in mind will surely help you to crack the toughest nut that we call professional job interview. Last but not the least, believe in yourself and have confidence on your worth for the job as this will act as further advantage to your academic and personality credentials.

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Education Loans In India- Saviors Of Your Career

Are you worried you might not be able to fulfill your dream of having a flourishing career due to money constraints? You need not worry any longer. You must be wondering what the reason behind this positivism is. The answer is simple- Education loans. Education loans can be called as the saviors of your career. Now you don’t have to jump into a job just because you haven’t got the money to fund your studies.

There has been a great boom in the Banking sector due to which obtaining a loan has become very easy. Banks nowadays provide home loans, vehicle loans and also education loans. As more and more banks are offering education loans at reasonable interest rates, students who could not pursue higher education are finding it easier to fulfill their dreams of a worthy career.

Many government and private banks are now offering loans to students at interest rates, which are reasonable and not a burden on the aspiring students. There are various installment schemes according to which the students can pay off their debts once they have completed their education and have got decent jobs.

The Banks and other financial institutions take the initiative in providing education loans to students at very flexible conditions. Banks sometimes collaborate with educational institutions and offer loans to aspiring students. Taking an education loan has several benefits:

  • Your dream of a fruitful career is fulfilled
  • Due to increasing competition in the Banking sector, several banks offer education loans at low rates so as to outrun their competitive banks hence benefiting aspiring students
  • Student loan payments are deferred for a number of years until the student completes his/her education. It can be paid as per the convenience of the student once he/she acquires a suitable job.

As student loans are now easy to acquire and have certain benefits as well, start dreaming about your dream career, which might just get fulfilled.

BPO Sector: The New Age Career Option

In this growing age of globalization, making career in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry is becoming one of the preferred choices of the youngsters. Being the rapidly developing sector for information technology related services, the demand for efficient and educated manpower is rising high in the BPO sector. It offers an array of services like customer support, telemarketing, insurance, technical support, data conversion, data entry, online research etc. that opens gates of bright future for the aspiring candidates.

Although, BPO industry is flourishing at fast pace in India, there are certain things, which an aspirant should understand before starting a career in BPOs for brighter prospects in the long run.

Career in BPO and its Positive Points

Kick starting your career in BPO industry is quite easy as they offer in-house trainings to the employees. They give preference to the candidates with graduation degree in any discipline, thus, any academic specialization is not required. The best part of BPOs is that they offer excellent work environment with good wages and maximum benefits to the employees. Transport facility offered by BPOs attracts youngsters and they get fascinated by the striking lifestyle and flexibility of time provided by them. Due to these things, the future of BPO sector in India is very bright and more and more people are getting driven to it.

The Negative Aspects

Everything has its own positives and negatives, so is the case with BPO industry. It is necessary to have a clear view about the negative and positive points of the BPO sector before starting a career in the same. Usually, after some point of time employees of BPO sector start thinking that their work is tedious and monotonous. Sleepless nights are the other factor that makes aspirants move away from the opportunities in BPOs. Future plans of higher education or ambition of having better salary and higher status also restrains people from getting into BPO sector.

No doubt that BPO’s are among the best employers that offer complete satisfaction to the employees in terms of job satisfaction, compensation, company culture, work environment, growth, overall benefits, appraisal system, etc. but they have their own negatives as well. So go ahead and fly high in the sky of success with complete assurance of promising future.

Internet- The Expedient Way to Find a Job

Finding a job was never too easy till the arrival of Internet. Internet is one of the easiest techniques to contact employers, companies, post your resumes or even arrange for the interviews online. Internet offers a wide prospective for all your job requirements. With so many options available such as websites related to jobs online magazines and many more widens the scope of getting the desired job. Moreover, internet provides you with opportunity to select the job according to your preferences related to geographical area and field of specialization.

You can start off by surfing job search engines, which is a one stop destination for all job seekers.

The Benefits Of Finding Jobs Online:

  • These online job websites enable you to search major databases at one go. Although, this might be the most convenient way for searching the job than searching individual job databases but sometimes, individual databases can be beneficial too.
  • Apart from this, you can also post your resumes directly, or apply for the positions online. Often, some sites ask for the registration, however, avoid giving your personal information in the registration form. But there are some resources that do not require personal details. Make sure that the email, which you are using for your job search is not used by anybody else. If you have a suspicion, sign up for a free email account.
  • If you are clear about your preferred company with whom you want work, you can directly apply from the respective website. Normally, every company offers career option on their websites which allows you to apply online. So, you just have to complete the required formalities of filling up the form or posting your resumes and just have to prepare yourself for the interview. Remember, reviewing the frequently asked question can be of great help in facing the interview with more confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Saves lot of time of the candidates. Gone are the days when a candidate had to visit different offices and give the resume. With the advent of online job sites and portals, candidates can easily apply for numerous jobs just by sitting at home.

We hope that by now, you must have understood the importance of internet in finding you the right job in the quickest possible time.

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