Preparation For A Job Interview

Passing out an interview after receiving a call from the company of your choice can make your dreams come true.  No one would like to fall at the last hurdle (an interview) which is the toughest one to face and needs a lot of preparation. We provide you the tips that will help you face even the hardest of job interview with smoothness and smartness.

  • Research Work
    Before appearing for an interview, you need to do a quick research for the company as well as for the person who would be interviewing you. Visiting the company’s website can help you find out the relevant information. You should as well be efficient in the knowledge of the products the company is selling and dealing in.
  • Reviewing
    Proper reviewing of all the documents can help you getting through with the interview. Thus, by doing so you can easily answer if asked about any specific details. Having all such details on your finger tips will leave a good impression on the interviewer.
  • Carry Extra copies of the important documents
    The interviewee should not forget to bring an extra copy of the CV, passport, portfolio etc. with him as these can be asked for at any time in an interview.
  • Asking questions
    Asking questions related to the company from the interviewer will reaffirm your interest in the company and its dealings. Listen carefully to the answers you get because you can be questioned for the same.

Thus, an interview involves everything from careful listening to efficiently answering along with paying attention to each and every small and big thing. From your interviews skills, the interviewer will be able to make out whether you are the candidate they are looking for. so, just be confident and prepare well…..

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Hyderabad: The Ultimate Career Destination

Hyderabad, a city which is often termed as the silicon valley of South India has emerged as the ultimate career destination for freshers looking forward to a rewarding and a satisfying professional career. Be it IT-enabled services, pharmaceuticals, Call centers, Entertainment industry, Computer software companies, Software consulting firms, Business process outsourcing unit or any other, Hyderabad has all these career options to offer on the platter. Some of the major reasons, which have helped Hyderabad to transform itself into the most promising city with prosperous future are:


Hyderabad is a reputed place to undertake your IT and Bio-technology study and is preferred by not only Indians but even foreign students for the same. The rapid development and expansion of educational setup especially for technical and professional education institutes has given employers confidence of finding talent and skilled manpower for their company.

IT Sector

The city is often called the Indian Silicon Valley because of the presence of major national and multinational IT companies which operate here. This has made it a booming career hub especially when it comes to IT, software and BPO related jobs. The ample and satisfying opportunities that Hyderabad offers make it ideal career destination for people who have chosen IT as their future.


Hyderabad has a rich cultural heritage and diverse historical background. This has made it a very popular tourist destination among local as well as foreign tourists. The developing tourism industry and professional treatment given to this segment by government as well as private business has also made tourism a very popular career option over here. The increasing demand of manpower in tourism sector has also called in hardworking aspirants to this city to build their career in this field.

These are just few of the major factors, there are several other factors which have helped in the transformation of Hyderabad into a career destination where everyone wants to be.

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Top E-Mail Etiquette Tips

E-mailing has changed the way we write, but that does not mean that we can forget all the rules that governed the conventional mode of written communication. When it comes to writing e-mails for business or for that crucial job application, you need to be all the more cautious and write with a professional flair.

In this write-up you will come across the most important tips to bear in mind while writing an e-mail that will make the right impression on the receiver or the reader.

Watch the Tone and language

  • Address the person formally with their appropriate title and end with a proper note
  • Use professional terms and phrases and avoid abbreviated forms
  • Keep the written format as polite as possible by using the appropriate words. Also, avoid capitalizations unless necessary.
  • Use the same fonts throughout the mail, do not use larger fonts and avoid adding any color.
  • Check and double check grammar, spelling and typos through automated and manual checking

Mind the Content

  • How you write a certain thing matters but what is more important is what you are actually writing. Stick to the main reason why you are writing the mail and keep it short. Writing longer mails with detailed explanations can only make these reach the trash bin soon after they are opened by the receiver.
  • Define a format and adhere to it. State your objective for writing the mail, refer to any attachments present in the mail and keep your content professional by avoiding the use of emoticons or informal email addresses.
  • As for the attachments, you can ask beforehand whether these can be sent or not. Nowadays, with many mails circulating on the net with viruses, people have become vary of opening mails with attachments or links to other sites.
  • The best way to write the email is draft it beforehand on any of the writing software and then paste it in the compose message box. That way, you can carefully check the details and when you are sure about the same you can just fill in the subject and the recipient’s address in the ‘TO’ field to avoid any accidental mistakes.

These etiquette tips have been drafted as a result of the most common mistakes that people make while sending an e-mail. Make sure you follow these the next time you write one so that your e-mail can make the desired impact.

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Graduation to First Job: Making the Switch

For most of us, graduating from a student to a working professional is the greatest transition in life. It means leaving behind those carefree days and arriving in a different world that makes you responsible, independent and more in control of your actions. Though the first job is casually taken by many but in real time it is also a stepping stone towards acquiring the right attitude that will dictate your professionalism for the rest of the life. In this article you will find important tips for making a lasting first impression that will make you the cynosure of all eyes in the office; be it your peers, supervisors or the boss.

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind especially for your first job:

Be Punctual

Punctuality is a virtue that is highly demanded and valued by seniors. You need to arrive as well as leave at the proper time and avoid extending your lunch break. It shows that you take the job seriously and are also good with time management. This even goes for completing tasks by the deadlines, which should be taken with much seriousness.

Be a Fast Learner

You must have stated it emphatically in the interview that as a fresher you are very keen to learn. Now, is the time to prove this. Listen, observe, ask questions, discuss, and make notes- do everything to make sure that you understand the system well. You can even attach yourself to mentor who can guide you perfectly and let you learn from his/her mistakes.

The Dressing Matters-A Lot!

The dressing styles may vary from profile to profile, but there should always be a level of decency in your attire as this speaks volumes about your personality. While those at a higher post need to be more conservative, you can easily know what to wear by watching your peers and supervisors.

Mind your Ps and Qs

You may become familiar with the official environment after some time but that does not mean that you can behave just the way you did in college. Every office has a certain set of professional etiquettes like:

  • Having telephonic conversations politely
  • Saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘Sorry’, wherever necessary
  • Not roaming in the office without purpose
  • Knocking and asking for permission before entering
  • Following etiquettes in meetings

Office Gossip: Deal With This Unavoidable Problem

As interesting as it may sound, gossiping in the office is a complete no-no. But how does one manage this? The best way is to participate as a listener and not contribute anything as it could be misconstrued in any manner.

Becoming an ideal employee in your first job is not a very tough nut to crack, especially if you pay close attention to the prevailing corporate culture and blend yourself properly. While agreeing with your seniors is okay, you should avoid becoming a flatterer with a herd mentality. Stand out for the right reasons and surely you will be looking ahead to an illustrious career in any field that you choose.

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