Everything You Wanted To Know About MBA

‘Survival of the fittest’ as it is famously said goes perfect with the current day scenario. With the growing globalization, there is fierce competition in the marketplace. There is an unprecedented demand for enterprising managers having global vision. Since the post-globalization era only, there has been a boost in the management education. After descending upon the scenario, top-notch management institutes aimed at carving all-rounder personalities who can transcend in this field.

MBA or Master of Business Administration is one such degree that attracts students from wide ranging disciplines. It is world renowned post graduation degree that is intended for the people who aim to work in business & management. This degree usually prepares a student for holding responsible positions basically of managerial levels. This professional degree program runs worldwide and it prepares individuals for working in management for any industry, be it business sector or nature of the economy.

Once an individual is through with his MBA degree, the management skills and business expertise that he learnt throughout the degree opens gateway to new career opportunities. This degree assures you higher pay scales that executives and upper level managers enjoy. MBA not only teaches you to get a job in a management enterprise but also helps you in achieving a balance between your work and life after work.

Deciding whether you want to do MBA or not?

First keep into consideration that you have to make your future. Secondly, regardless of type of MBA you want to pursue, you are required to study the following core topics, namely:

  • Quantitative analysis
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Organizational behavior

If you are interested in studying these subjects then only pursue MBA otherwise drop your idea.

So, this is what you need to know about MBA. We hope that this article would surely have helped you in getting a clearer picture about MBA and how an MBA degree can help you. New markets, new technologies, new products, mergers, and off-shore resourcing create opportunity as well as uncertainty. With an MBA degree in hand, you can surely take advantage of the opportunities and protect yourself from uncertainties.

Tips For A Phone Interview

There are several different ways of taking an interview- Face-to-face, Telephonic and Online interview. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewer and the interviewee interact with each other face-to-face. In an online interview, the interview is taken through the interview process via some online software that enables the interviewer and interviewee to talk to each other. The third type of interview, that is the phone interview, is taken via phone. The interviewer calls the interviewee and they carry out the interview on the phone. Phone interviews are generally taken to shortlist the applicants who would then be called for a personal face-to-face interview. Do not take a phone interview lightly as it is just as important as a regular interview. Here are certain tips to help you prepare for your phone interview.

  • Prepare for the phone interview in the same way you would do for a regular interview. The major questions that you can be asked are your strengths and weaknesses, your background, skills and information about your current or former job, if any.
  • Your resume should be in clear view in case you are asked specific details about your educational and professional qualifications.
  • Keep your major achievements noted down in a notepad so that you can immediately tell the interviewer what you have achieved so far.
  • If you get the call when you are just about to leave for some important job then ask the interviewer to set the interview at some alternative time that is convenient for both you and for the interviewer.
  • Clear the room of any source of disturbance or noise. Switch off the stereo or television and close the doors and the windows to prevent any outside noise to distract you.
  • Consider using a landline to attend the interview-you don’t want your cell phone battery to run out just when the interviewer is asking your salary expectations!
  • Practice talking on the phone. It seems easy and fun to talk on the phone when you are gossiping with a friend, but it feels entirely different when you are being interviewed. Ask a friend to call you and make her/him ask questions that an interviewer is likely to ask.

So, now if you have prepared for the interview, let’s find out what you should and should not do during an interview.

  • Smile. If you smile during a phone interview, that smile reflects on your voice and tone.
  • Do not smoke, eat, drink or chew gum during the interview.
  • Keep a glass of water beside it just in case your mouth gets dry.
  • Address the interviewer by their last name with the appropriate title like Mr. or Ms.
  • Speak clearly and get your thoughts across to the interviewer. He/she is not a mind reader and would not know what you are thinking.

So, now you are prepared for a phone interview. Next time you get a phone call, it might just be your future employer calling you. So be ready as your job might just be a phone call away.

Making Your First Job A Success: Some Tips

So, your studies are over and you want to step into a new phase of your life, that is, into your first real job. What you have learned in your school or college will not apply in a company. Your first job will highly influence your future career prospects. There are different rules, principles and ethics that are applied in a professional work setting. There is a huge difference between being a student and an employee. In a company, you would not be spoon-fed like you were in a school or college. Here, you will have to be responsible for yourself and your actions. No one will spoon-feed you and tell you what to do. You should be well-aware of all your duties and responsibilities. We will provide you with some important pointers that will help you make a good impression on your employers and colleagues.

  • Listen And Discern- It is better to listen and observe quietly rather than voicing out your opinions without thinking through. If you don’t like the workings of your company, then it is better to just let it be. Your suggestions and opinions might get a negative reaction because you don’t know the correct workings of a company and your opinions might be considered interference. Listening to everyone and observing your work environment will help you learn.
  • Behave Maturely- Behaving in a college or school is very different from how you should behave in an office environment. Be on your best behavior in an office. There are several office ethics that you need to keep in mind. Talk politely with everyone and do not argue to prove a point.
  • Avoid Notorious Company- Stay away from troublemakers from work. Troublemakers are those who always try to create trouble between employees and later refuse to take responsibility for their actions. It is best to have a diplomatic relationship with such people as they can prove to be hindrances in your path to success.
  • Keep Yourself Informed- Though you should not participate in the office gossip, it is beneficial to keep a tab on what’s going around. Stay away from the gossip mongers, especially if you are new in the office, as it can greatly damage your reputation in the eyes of your seniors.

Keep in mind that in a company, your only friend is yourself. Keep your thoughts to yourself and listen to everyone and behave in a polite and diplomatic manner.

Target Success in Your Career and Job Search

Tired of searching for the ideal job that can provide complete job satisfaction and also pay handsomely? Or looking for a new job but not aware of the best way of getting it at the right place? Then, you need to evaluate your job search strategies and check out why they are not working out properly for you.

If you are ready to get started with your job search program then follow the provided building blocks that will help you in achieving your goal in the world of work.

Access the Hidden Job Market

Contact the employers even before they post requirement for an opening with them. Doing this is one of the critical factors of successful job search plan. You can use online tools for accessing the employer information and mail your resumes to the companies that match your requirement.

Respond to Job Postings on Different Media

Several job portals, newspaper, magazines, etc. are flourished with the number of job openings available in the job market. Make sure to search on the basis of multiple titles and spend some quality time in going through these mediums. Filter out companies according to your needs and send them your resume along with cover letter as early as possible.

Take Services of Recruitment Agencies

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways of searching for a suitable job is to take services of a reliable recruitment agency. Such agencies understand the requirement of both the job seeker as well as employer and they are packed with the vast data of employers. So, get yourself registered with one or two recruitment agencies for brightening your chances of getting your dream job.

Do Regular Practice for Interview

Making preparation in advance for the interview will relieve you from the last moment tension of revising frequently asked interview questions or selecting the right terms for negotiating salary, etc. Also, work on your confidence level and communication skills before you get scheduled for the interview of your dream job.

Manage Your Energy and Attitude

The most important building block for a right job search strategy is to maintain positive attitude and focused energy level. If you work on this, you can easily achieve the desired result. Doing fun and creative things can help you in manage your attitude as well as energy. Take care of your mind, body and soul because relaxing and enjoying will keep your spirits high.

Revaluate your job search process and its progress every month until you find the right job. With these simple building blocks, you will surely witness improvement in your job search results and will take you closer to your dreams.


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