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Dress Sensibly for Interview

Make your first impression not just the last but, a lasting one, by dressing appropriately for a job interview. Dress code may be different for both men and women, but needless to say that what remains same for both is dressing up sensibly. Dressing for an interview is quite different from dressing up for a … Continue reading

How to Deal With a Phone Interview

A telephonic interview is usually conducted by employers or recruiters when they want to do the initial screening or have to contact out-of-station candidates. In both situations you may receive a call out of the blue and if you are unprepared, then the situation can generate panic that affects the way you conduct yourself. An … Continue reading

Tips for Interview Follow-Ups

So you are finally done with the interview and looking forward to the much anticipated response from the concerned people that will decide your fate. It is interesting to note how so many people think that once an interview is over, then the ball is entirely in the court of the interviewers. Well, reality could … Continue reading

How to Deal With Exit Interviews

Yes, you must be wondering what exactly is an exit interview? Never attended an exit interview? Well an exit interview is the opposite of a job interview. An exit interview is an interview conducted by the organization of a departing employee. These interviews are generally conducted by a neutral department within the company like the … Continue reading

Search For A Job While You Work: Some Tips

Have you ever felt that you want a new job but not at the expense of your current one? Bored of taking same orders from the same boss day in and day out? Well, why wait? Start a search jobs in india. But keep in mind that searching for a job is a job in … Continue reading

Long Resume For The Top Notch Position

Been rejected by a recruiter because of a boring biography length resume? Or ever been rejected because your resume contained as little information as an ID card? What, then, is the correct size of a resume? The size of a resume depends on the kind of job you have applied for and also the post. … Continue reading

Avoiding Illegal Questions In An Interview

The first question an interviewer generally asks you is “Tell something about yourself.” Within this single question provide as much personal or professional information that you are willing to let the interviewer know. There are certain ethics, which the interviewer and the interviewee have to follow. The interviewee for example cannot ask direct questions unless … Continue reading

Winning the Ground War at Work

In the current scenario, workplace is no less than a battlefield where every day you meet new challenges or targets. The most important thing in any war is a full-proof strategy. That same war strategy has to be applied at your workplace as well. The trick is to learn to combat the challenges thrown on … Continue reading

Make or Break Your Career: Phrases To Be Avoided In A Resume To Get A Perfect Job.

Have you heard of the phrase “First impression is the last impression”? Yes, it can be rightly construed that the first impression you make on a person is always the last. Well, maybe not always the last but the first impression you make is certainly the one that has a lasting impression. Would you like … Continue reading

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