Tips to increase your chances of getting short-listed

All the candidates appearing for an interview expect of getting short-listed. However, to receive a call for an interview, one has to be very careful about a number of things if he/she wants to pave the successful path of getting a job of his/her choice. While registering with any of the job placement websites, the job seeker should follow eight prominent points that will help you in increasing your chances of getting short-listed.

  1. Updating Profile -
    Updating your profile on a regular basis is as essential as getting a job. One must be very careful towards updating one’s profile at least once in a period of three months. An optimist person would have definitely learned to handle new responsibilities in a short interval of time, which one must not forget to add in the profile. Your recent achievements will attract the attention of the recruiter.
  2. Heading of the Resume -
    Your resume headline should contain your summary of experience mentioned in short and crisp words. A precise and understandable headline of your resume drives you towards the chance of being noticed by the recruiter.
  3. Mentioning Skills -
    Every person appearing for an interview possesses different skills, which are required to mention on a resume. The skills should be mentioned in an appropriate way as to highlight your unique professional strength. It is extremely important to cite the tasks you are proficient in.
  4. Filling the Profile -
    One should be very clear about filling of all relevant spaces in the profile to be registered. Giving relevant information regarding your skills, education etc. can make it possible for you to accomplish the task and win the challenge of being short-listed among all those who are seeking the same job.
  5. Accurate Contact Details -
    Recruiters many a time are trapped in a situation where they are not able to contact a person whose details are not appropriately mentioned on the profile. The mobile number, e-mail address or other contact details mentioned on the profile should be accurate that can help you grab the opportunity of being selected.
  6. Regularly Login -
    If you have made a profile on any of the job related websites, you should spare your time in logging in at regular intervals. As your last login details are available on the site, the recruiter can easily make out about your interest of getting a job and knows how actively you are looking for it.
  7. Resume Status -
    As we are regular and very fond of updating our status on other social networking sites, a similar treatment is required in updating your status at job related sites. Set your resume status active and updated with new relevant information.
  8. Addition of CV notes -
    To give a lively appearance to your resume, the best way is to add CV notes, which gives a glance of all the updated information related to your recent achievements etc.

Thus, following the above points will surely change your status from an unemployed to successfully employed.

Beware of Lotteries & Fake Online Job Offers

It is rarely seen that someone says ‘NO’ to the money coming to them; no matter they deserve it not. Money holds the utmost importance in an individual’s life. Getting more salary than the previous one, free schooling for the employee’s children, free tickets to commute, online job opportunities and lotteries and many more attractive offers are often given to people to attract them. These offers often lead you to get into complicated matters.  Earning money is good but running behind it often ends up in disastrous situations.

Scam and cyber crime, these are the terms which could be easily heard of nowadays. But as we all know money matters a lot, an individual who is well versed with these terms also gets trapped into such things. Giving any of your personal account details to an unidentified person might drag you into a problem.

How you are trapped in a Lottery scam?

A mail will be sent to you saying that your e-mail ID has been selected under International lottery scheme and you have won US$ 80,000 to claim the money you need to send your complete details along with your bank account number for transferring the money. So one should always be sure about the existence of people they are dealing with.

One is not able to distinguish these fake offers from the genuine ones reason being that these have their:

  • Bank accounts
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail IDs

Fake Job Offers

The growing rate of unemployment and urge for more and more money has lead people to increasingly participate in online job opportunities. Fake jobs are offered via e-mails to the people who have posted their resumes on the internet offering them a lot more salary than expected. And then they ask to draw a demand draft in favor of them for ticketing and rest of the bookings to be scheduled for a personal interview. Neither have you got the job nor the money…… have to a face a ‘Loss’……

Precautionary steps….

Simple before filing the application:

  • Check the contact details
  • Verify the address of the company
  • Look for the testimonials and talk to the people who are listed there
  • Try and personally visit the office
  • Schedule an interview first and then think of giving money

Taking these steps will help you ensure a safe job offer.

Important Measures to Be Kept In Mind:

To sum up these are few points that need to be taken care of……

  • Don’t get excited about such job opportunities which offer much higher salary.
  • Don’t rush for any lottery which gives you ample of money.
  • Don’t provide your bank account number to any alien organization.
  • While dealing with any organization, which you have got to know via internet, you should always make sure that the company is registered.
  • Check whether the mail sent to you is genuine or not.

Mistakes to Be Avoided On Your Resume

Resume is nothing more than a couple of pages but coming to professional stream, it has great value attached to it. Resume is something, which will communicate your skills to the employer or interviewer before you are given a chance to do so. Resume, if written perfectly can help you grab the opportunity and makes you land on the job of your choice. Resume leaves your first impression on the reader and it is all in your hands to create a resume in such a way that would lead to a good impression of yours. One may be too good at interview skills but you will get that chance only if your resume speaks of something interesting and useful about you.

Making mistakes in resume writing is very common among job seekers and about which one should be very careful. So, below are some tips mentioned, which will help you avoid such mistakes and achieve success in getting hired by the company for which you dream of.

  • Apply For A Suitable Position:
    You should be very clear in your head about the job profile you are applying for. If it does not match your qualification, be sure of, that it will be rejected once the recruiter comes across your resume. So, apply for the positions matching your qualifications and capabilities.
  • Try Not To Address A Wrong Contact:
    If you are sending your resume to some organization, you should be very careful that your resume reaches in right hands. One should never forward your resume to such a person who doesn’t deal in it. Sending your resume to wrong email address would mean that you have not well consulted the advertisement given by the company for the job and this may also lead to a situation where recruiter may never see your resume.
  • Don’t Use Long Narratives:
    You should be aware of the fact that the person working in an organization would be coming across a number of resumes on everyday basis. No one would be having spare time to go through long and multiple-pages resumes. Therefore, it is best to keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid Acronyms:
    Acronyms are the abbreviations used in resume writing, which should be strictly avoided. These jumbled letters makes the recruiter uncomfortable to go through your resume and can even lead to misinterpretations. The best thing is to avoid acronyms and write them in expanded form.
  • Less Of Word Repetitions:
    Repetition of same words again and again can make your resume boring to go through. So it is up to you that would you like your resume to appear interesting to the recruiter so that he may willingly give you a call for interview or your resume to be thrown away in rubbish.
  • Attach Photographs, Only When Required:
    If ever you are asked to submit your resume by electronic means, be sure that your photograph should not be attached with it as it makes downloading uneasy, which may annoy the reader. In case where it is essential to attach a photograph, instead of using inappropriate pictures, use decent and formal ones.
  • Placing Links Of Your Personal Blogs Should Be Avoided:
    Although your online presence means a lot in today’s communication era but until and unless you are applying for a writer’s job, it is not at all required to provide links of your personal blogs etc. The fact is that the reader is not at all interested in your online presence.
  • Avoid giving any unrealistic information:
    Make it a point not to give any untruthful and unreliable fact in your resume. An experienced interviewer knows it well how to bring out the truth from interviewees’ side. So its better not to get trapped in such a situation where you might feel embarrass. It is advised not to put up wrong information in your resume for which later on you’ll have to bear its consequences. Therefore, the best thing is to keep it real.

Following all the above tips can help your resume not to be thrown away in the trash bin rather you can end up with a call for an interview. Your resume itself can assure your employer that you are the one they’ve been looking for as an employee of their company. Avoid such mistakes that can prove to be blunders in your way of getting a job. So, by writing a resume sensibly can lead you to the path of success.

Beware of Internet Job Fraud

Fraud has become a common practice everywhere be it public or private sector. Fraudulent practice on internet is nothing new. Internet provides the best, easiest and cheapest way to search for the best jobs. But with so many uses the darker side also comes into play. Searching for jobs is a common practice on the Internet and to facilitate this we have countless job portals and sites. There are many fake job sites operating over the net waiting for every opportunity to lure and entrap the job seekers in the net of their own.

There are many ways in which you can avoid yourself in getting entangled in such a fraud. Here in this write-up we offer you some ways in which you can check for the authenticity of the site yourself and in a way prevent from getting engaged into it.


  • Language and grammar:
    The first thing that you need to look into is the language and grammar, sometimes the content posted on the web will be full of serious grammatical and spelling mistakes and the whole abstract will be incoherent and difficult to understand. Such sites can be easily differentiated from the renowned ones by carefully checking with the points mentioned.
  • The credit card details:
    The second thing that has to be taken care of is that you should make sure you don’t give your credit card number as there are many fake sites, which ask for the same. You will have to keep in mind that, reputable organizations seldom or never asks for the credit card number as there is no need for it.
  • Go for testimonials:
    Testimonials are good barometers to measure the reliability of a particular site. Any valid site will certainly have a written testimonial that speaks about a site’s good health.

The young job seekers are advised through this article to be cautious of internet job frauds and keep their eyes and ears open while hunting a job and don’t run after a bogus job portal that promises a false fat salary for a particular job and in return gets to know about your personal and financial details, causing you harm later.


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