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Tips to increase your chances of getting short-listed

All the candidates appearing for an interview expect of getting short-listed. However, to receive a call for an interview, one has to be very careful about a number of things if he/she wants to pave the successful path of getting a job of his/her choice. While registering with any of the job placement websites, the … Continue reading

Beware of Lotteries & Fake Online Job Offers

It is rarely seen that someone says ‘NO’ to the money coming to them; no matter they deserve it not. Money holds the utmost importance in an individual’s life. Getting more salary than the previous one, free schooling for the employee’s children, free tickets to commute, online job opportunities and lotteries and many more attractive … Continue reading

Mistakes to Be Avoided On Your Resume

Resume is nothing more than a couple of pages but coming to professional stream, it has great value attached to it. Resume is something, which will communicate your skills to the employer or interviewer before you are given a chance to do so. Resume, if written perfectly can help you grab the opportunity and makes … Continue reading

Beware of Internet Job Fraud

Fraud has become a common practice everywhere be it public or private sector. Fraudulent practice on internet is nothing new. Internet provides the best, easiest and cheapest way to search for the best jobs. But with so many uses the darker side also comes into play. Searching for jobs is a common practice on the … Continue reading

How to Prepare Yourself in Advance for a Telephonic Interview?

Telephonic interviews have become a trend these days as hiring organizations consider them consider as a time-effective as well as cost-effective method of coming across talented and potential candidates. So, if you are applying for a job, then be sure that you have to go through a quick telephonic interview. Now, this idea of small … Continue reading

When and whom to ask about salary?

Job seekers are usually not prepared when they go for an interview. This can lead them to various problems and land them up in asking pointless questions or questions at a wrong time. To avoid these mistakes a jobseeker must know when to ask and what? Asking about salary is one of the major mistakes … Continue reading

Making a First Impression on the Interviewer

Job Interview! These two very simple words become a cause of nervousness and fear for the candidates. Giving an interview is as intense as giving a math exam and that too without preparation. As such, preparing for a job interview doesn’t help much as you can be asked anything. So, in that case you can … Continue reading

Job Interview Tips for Creating a WOW Impression

Creating a Wow impression on an interviewer in a very first meeting is a dream of every aspirant. It is believed that mostly the impression created by the aspirant on the interviewer is non-verbal and truly based on the body language of the candidate. The way you present yourself to the interviewer counts a lot, … Continue reading

Benefits of using Recruitment Agency to get a right job

Are you searching for a job through job portals or newspapers but not getting the right job that can match your work profile and qualifications? Instead of wasting time here and there and applying for jobs that are not meant for you, it is better to take services of a recruitment agency that will help … Continue reading

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