Getting the Job of Your Dreams – 3 Highly Effective Steps

You must have thought of getting a dream job that will complement your profile along with a handsome salary and complete job satisfaction. For that you need to understand the effective ways that will help you in getting the job you have always dreamt of. Your interview is the first step that will take you to a step closer to your dream job and opens the gates of success for you. Making an excellent and long lasting impression on the interviewer will strengthen your chances of being selected for the job.

All you need to do is to follow the simple steps provided in this write-up and see how your dream comes into reality.

Make your resume impressive

Your resume is your closest reference that an employer comes across before the actual face-off. So, it’s your responsibility to make it as impressive as you can by adding the things that will benefit you during the interview.

  • Professional resume writers can help you in making an impressive and attractive resume that will benefit you.
  • Your application or cover letter should always be sent along with your resume with some important details like the desired position for which you’re applying, your background, your strengths and skills, accomplishments, past experiences and the information about your previous job.
  • Recommendation from your former employer helps the interviewer in getting reference about you and your working etiquettes.
  • Along with all these things, correct resume format, free details, spellings and your good communication skills works as a add on for you at the time of interview.

Your Appearance

Impressive resume is not the last step of getting your dream job, there are more things to be considered. Your expressions and attitude at the time of interview play a key role in leaving a positive impression on the interviewer. Next time, when you are called for the second round of interview, you must look ready to be hired. Your dressing style and body language represents your disposition and must convey positive vibes. You should look serious and committed right from head to toe.

Interview: before, during and after

It is always advisable to reach the interview venue before the scheduled time. This will give you time for breathing, calming yourself and relaxing before going for the face-off.

  • During the interview, remain relaxed and at ease.
  • Don’t get nervous as your nervousness can become your negative point.
  • Be extra conscious and remain aware of the flow of conversation with the interviewer.
  • Wait for a week after the interview and then check the status of your application.
  • Be professional and don’t lose heart in case you are not offered a notice of your standing.

These simple tips will surely assists in attaining a professional attitude and perform excellently during the interview. Taking these points into consideration will take you on the road of success with your dream job coming into reality.

Important Question You Must Ask the Interviewer

Is the interview for the dream job that you have been waiting for all these years have arrived? If yes, then you must be prepared well for not missing this opportunity. And, one sure shot trick to make it to the job is to question the interviewer. From your questioning itself, the interviewer can make out an idea of your intelligence, enthusiasm, preparation and interest in the job. Besides, asking questions to the interviewer transforms a one-sided questioning into a conversation between two intelligent professionals, which is sure to leave a good impression on the interviewer.

The ultimate question you must ask the Employer to make your prospects of getting the job brighter is ‘What is the organization actually looking for?’ or even better way of asking it can be ‘What would be the day-to-day responsibilities and expectations from the person who accepts this job?

Besides, these questions you can also put up questions like:

  • Who has done exceptionally well in this designation and what were/are his characteristics?
  • What are the core values of the company?
  • What is the administration philosophy of this organization?
  • What would be a typical day of a person in this designation?

If you are still not convinced that why you need to ask questions from the interviewer then you must know that by doing this, an interviewer can figure out your interest in the job. Besides, from your tone of putting the question, structure and focus etc, to the interviewer can get to know about your level of confidence and willingness to do the job. Once he is convinced that you have that ‘X’ factor in you, nobody can stop you from getting the job. So, this makes it requisite to put questions to your interviewer.

It is suggested to avoid questions of salary or benefit issues, unless and until, the employer himself raises the topic. These questions can form a negative impact on the interviewer, thereby, making your chances of losing the job quite much. Simply put the questions that we have highlighted in the write-up in a confident yet pleasing tone and be sure of your success.

Top Personal Qualities Judged By Job Interviewers

An employee is considered the biggest asset of any organization, having the power to manage other assets of the company in the most efficient manner. Nowadays, many companies are recognized in the market, solely because of the talent pool that they have. To create such a pool, a Job Interviewer has to measure a candidate’s suitability on several parameters. Here, we outline the Top Personal Qualities that they are looking out for when conducting an interview.

Correct Professional Image

The appearance of a candidate is a powerful feature that defines their personality. It is always necessary to create the right impression by dressing appropriately and observing professional etiquettes. This can be a make or break factor in the interview, where a professionally dressed candidate has better chances of being viewed favorably than a candidate with casual clothing and attitude.

Good Work Ethics

A good employee is adjudged to be someone who along with having a sufficiently independent mindset, conforms to good ethics while on the job. These Work Ethics are basically the benefits that you bring to the organization.

Following are the things that an interviewer looks out for:

A self-starter with a fast learning ability
Motivated by hard working people
Socially responsible
An ability to multitask
Avoiding resource wastage at work
√ Willingness to put in extra hours of work without caring about the
Quality of Work-related, free time activities

Clarity of Thought

Job Interviewers are evidently looking for an employee having a clear thought process, which is reflected in their stability with an organization. Many questions asked by them revolve around the reasons why they had to leave their last job, their relationship with the ex-employer and their keenness to join the current profile. The future career plans and what the employee ultimately wants to achieve in his/her professional life is equally important.


Recruiting an employee is an effort-intensive process in which Job Interviewers really grill the employees; regarding their loyalty to the company they will work for. This is done by gauging their interest in the company, knowledge about the company and an ability to stay with the company even in the face of difficulties, considering that they have a good growing opportunity.

Some common questions asked relating to this:

  • How long do you want to work for us?
  • Are you applying to other companies?
  • Can you put the organization’s goals in front of your interests?


How committed an employee is to the company matters in the long run, while commitment towards day-today tasks determines their efficiency. Below mentioned are some points regarding an employee’s diligence that the Job Interviewer expects in a potential employee:

  • Good adaptability
  • Persistency in efforts
  • Determination to get a job done
  • Ability to give precise results
  • Ability to organize well
  • On-time and successful completion of tasks/projects

Co-operative Nature

Employees are judged for their ability to perform in a team or group, by willing to co-operate as per the guidelines and adding to team cohesion. They should be able to perform well in different roles or positions within a team without any hassles. This quality can also reflect in the employee’s personal life and sometimes the Job Interviewer may indirectly ask questions about their co-operative behavior.

Stress management

While every candidate vouches for the hard work done by him/her, it is rare to find employees who can keep their calm during high-stress situations. Handling stress efficiently is undoubtedly a good quality, which has a direct impact on the performance of the employee. Interviewers are always looking for people who will be able to contribute as much during conditions of stress as they do at other times.

Emotional Intelligence

Apart from evaluating the professional competency of a potential employee, interviewers are always on the lookout for people who will add value to the team by a high level of Emotional Intelligence. It implies that the employee will be able to work successfully in a team, can properly channelize the negative emotions arising due to various reasons and will show a high level of maturity in every situation.

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Tips To Prepare For Your Job Interview

Going for a Job Interview is always a charged affair, which is not immune to stress. Since you need to put your best before the potential employer, you need to be careful about what will click to them. Here are some quick tips for Job Interviewers, whether you are a fresher giving your first interview or an experienced employee looking for a change.


It does not matter for which position you have applied, what matters is that you should come off as someone who is to be taken seriously. The professionalism of the candidate is reflected foremost by the dress that he or she wears to the interview. Although a common inclination is towards formal business attire, but basically you should be very comfortable in your clothes. Avoid wearing something new that you may not be comfortable in.


While speaking your tone and your words should reflect your inner confidence. Always appear grounded as by doing this you can give the impression of being someone who is not over-confident about his skills and believes in team work.

Mention the contribution of yours family, teachers, peers, colleagues, superiors as well as subordinates, wherever necessary to show that what you are, is because of their efforts.

Be On Time

The interviewer gets an idea about the Time management skills of an employee within the first few minutes of the meeting itself. It is very beneficial to reach the interview venue before it starts because it means that you will be among the first to be interviewed, saving you a lot of tension. But most importantly, it conveys to the interviewer that you have a regard for other’s time as well as yours.

Try to reach the venue 15 minutes early and use the spare time for observation and preparation. Also, be patient till your name is called out.


Having a good memory always helps during an interview as you should be able to collect and collate your thoughts before presenting them. But equally important for you is to remember that the information that you receive from the interviewer. It could be their name, some special facts about the company and other information, which will later help in building a rapport.

Try to remember and greet the employer the next time they call regarding the interview


Always conduct a proper research regarding the company for which you are being interviewed. It may be a matter of five minutes or five days, but it really helps to show your keenness to join the company. Try to understand the vision of the company and associate it with your career goals.

  • Get information from the internet, friends or family and be prepared to present this information in a proper way.
  • You should not appear as though you have crammed information for the sake of it.


If you have no idea about a particular question, don’t be hassled. Try to see it as a learning experience and convey the same to the interviewer rather than giving a wrong answer.

  • Do not use new words as they may hamper your language. Be your original self.
  • Give clear and concise answers with details wherever required.
  • Though you are selling yourself for the position, do not appear to be very desperate for the job.
  • Talking about the ex-employer in a negative light is a big no-no; try to mention limited growth opportunities in place of their shortcomings as an employer.

Salary Negotiation

Always conduct a proper research on the industry standards for your position; while taking into account your special skills. Do not quote solely on the basis of your last salary or what you desire. Try to justify the quoted figure and negotiate with an open perspective.

Closing an interview successfully

Have a proper line-up of questions that you will need to ask about the company like:

  • What will be the responsibilities?
  • Does the company have any special policies?
  • What about the current projects that the company is engaged in?

This is another factor, which shows your enthusiasm regarding the position and the company itself.

Last but not the least; remember to maintain a positive and pleasant attitude throughout the interview, after all it is just a discussion of your future prospects versus your credibility for the company. Find out about the next step of their hiring process and thank the interviewer/s for their time.

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Work in Industries that Cannot Be Outsourced

At the time, when the entire world economy is going through the recession phase, there are some careers that remain unaffected. Careers that cannot be outsourced are safer options as they always remain open for new candidates. The demand for man power in such industries is always high offering beneficial opportunities in the store for aspiring contenders.

If you are also the one putting a step forward in the professional world or looking forward to change your current job; then look out for job openings in industries that cannot be outsourced. You can always find work in these industries with complete assurance of high returns in the long term. Through this write up, we are making an effort to give you an insight about such industries, which cannot be outsourced.

Dental Industry

Whether you are a dentist or dental hygienist your patient will never outsource you to someone bidding lower in the overseas market. Although, this field requires certification but the future is assured.

Mechanical Repair

The demand for auto mechanic or large appliance repair worker always remains high, because it is not possible to outsource your car or washing machine to another country.  If you like to make career in this field you can go for the apprenticeship program or a small course for auto or electrical appliance mechanic. No matter how devastating the recession is, the cars and appliances will always be used that makes this field recession free.

Career in Trades

You can’t outsource your house for repairing and construction purposes and for that you need workers. Government has predicted the shortage of workers in most of the general trades that have generated new employment opportunities for aspirants. Electrical, construction, plumbing are such fields that will keep you busy with work throughout the year whether there is recession or not.

Jobs in Sales

If you have skills of generating and managing sales then you will be welcomed whole heartedly in the sales jobs of every company. Your knowledge about the product and the target audience will earn you a strong stand in the B2B world as it requires efficient selling skills. Your integrity and interest to provide win-win solutions to the customer as well as to supplier will keep you employed even in tough economical situations.

Above mentioned are only few job options that you can go for in order to be secure your job in harsh economical times. If you wish to make your employment recession proof, search for more opportunities that can be conducted in real time. All these industries are proved to be good examples for making career at the time of recession.

Tips for Internship Resume

A resume is the key to attain a desired job or an internship. It is the document that carries your qualification details, job experiences and personal details. A well-writ and effective resume can greatly improve your chances of getting the job or internship. An internship resume is different from a resume created with the purpose of acquiring a job. So, before penning down your experiences, strengths and merits in a resume, it is better to decide upon the format and the points that you want to include in your resume.

Points that need to be ensured while drafting an internship resume:

You must be clear about your purpose: You must be clear about your aim while creating the resume. Your goal is not to further your career rather gain experience and skills. So, don’t write long boring and monotonous documents just as a desperate jobseeker.

Placement of the information must be right: It is important to emphasize on your academic achievements rather than your work background. Be focused on your merits and highlight your qualification details the most.

Mention your work experience: If you have any work experience, do include it in your resume. It is leaves a good impression and increases your chances of getting the internship.

Keep off the irrelevant information: Pointless information like political affiliation or sexual preference won’t help you in getting the internship. But it might hamper your chance of getting the internship.

Length of resume: Maximum of one or two page content should be written in a resume. The shorter the resume, the better it is.

Review it twice: Before finalizing upon your internship resume, just read it twice to avoid any kind of spelling mistake or grammatical error as it can give a bad impression to the interviewer.

Employers look out for enthusiastic, dedicated and interactive freshers to assure that they fit in the team. So, make a resume that reflects the actual you in the best possible manner without boasting much about yourself.

Find Internship Opportunities

In simple terms, internship can be described as a pre-professional work experience for students, which makes them aware of their particular career field. Students pursuing their final year of graduation generally look out for internships in different companies. Individuals searching for jobs also go for internships for gaining experience in some particular area for achieving excellence. Internships are the best way of getting real life experience and decide about the fate of your career.

Various strategies are followed by the students for finding internship of their choice. Networking, career fairs, online internship listings, etc. are the foremost ways of conducting your internship search. A bit of research and planning is advisable for finding a right internship opportunity.

In this write-up, we will provide you some useful tips to find an excellent internship opportunity that will benefit you in future.

Start looking for it early

Some industries have early deadlines for internships, so it’s better to start searching for internship during the winter breaks. This will give you additional time to make connections with the professionals of the organization. Services of your college’s placement cell can also be taken for finding early internship programs.

Identify your career interests

Be clear about your goal and career interest before going out in search of an internship. If you are not clear about your future career and pursuing internships in different fields, then you can make your mind once you test water in different career fields. This will also enable you to decide your area of interest and also give you exposure to the real professional world.

Check out different online resources

There are various internship websites providing complete information about various internship opportunities in different career fields. Creating an account on such websites will keep you updated about the fresh openings. Local newspaper’s classifieds can also be considered for finding companies interested in hiring interns.

Attend Career Fairs

Career fairs are also popular among the students because top employers look out for trainees and interns in such fairs. Such companies attend fairs for screening, testing and recruiting talented employees as well as interns. Prepare a small intro describing your interests, skills and experience that can help you in facing an unplanned interview at such fairs. Follow up with the employers you came in contact at the fair.

Contact Employers

Directly contact the employers for making enquiry about the summer jobs and internships. Also prepare small intro of yourself to be presented in front of the employers. Lay focus on summer jobs or camps that will help you enhance your communication skills. Make sure to follow up with employers from arranging interview.

Follow these simple steps for finding an ideal internship opportunity that will boost your career. With this you will not only get aware of the industry you wish to enter, but also make valuable contacts that will prove beneficial in nurturing your career in future.

Are you ready for First job?

The thrust of Gen Next to become independent is driving them to search for jobs as early as possible. Along with that, the experience gained during this period also makes their resume impressive. Therefore, the demand for fresher jobs is increasing day by day.

It is very important for the freshers to analyze whether they are ready for their first job or not. While some students and fresh graduates are clear about their future goals, there are some who are not sure how to move forward in future. They remain in confusion about whether to take up summer or part time job or go for any further training program.

If you are looking for your first job then consider the points mentioned below before taking any further step in that direction. These points will help you prepare yourself for the first job.

Know your interest

For fresh graduates, it is necessary to understand your interests and assess your likes and dislikes for making your future goal clear. The clear understanding of your interests will ease your job hunting process by narrowing down the search.

What you wish to do?

Being a fresh graduate, this is the right time for you to decide what you want to do in future. Once you get the answer to this question, your road to achieving success will be clear and easier.

Take advice & help

Take advice and lead from your contacts who are already employed. The chances of getting a job, which is perfect for your profile in their company becomes bright.

Research and contact industry experts

Search for the professionals and experts on the internet and ask them for guidance. A simple e-mail to the right person for seeking advice can open new avenues of success for you.

Online job portals

Create an account on various job portals with detailed and accurate information. Regular visit to such portals will keep you updated with new job openings.

Career Counselors

Taking services of career counselors proves beneficial for the job seekers. Ask for guidance of an expert or a professional career counselor having profound experience in this field.

Keeping these things in mind and taking expert advice will definitely help in preparing you for the first job. With this, you can not only clarify your future path but also illuminate the chances of having bright future on the professional front.

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