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What is Grant Writer?

In current scenario journalists, poets, writers, novelists and even the grant writers are considered as professional writers. In recent years, grant writing has come up as a budding profession and has also boosted the demand for grant writers. Even an average grant writer can make good money on hourly basis owing to his/her skills. The … Continue reading

What Career is Right For Me?

Career development plays a vital role in everyone’s life; therefore, deciding the correct career path is also very significant. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to decide what they wish to pursue in future in a single thought. Many a time’s people spend their life in running behind the things, which are not meant for … Continue reading

How to search job opportunities in Abroad

The very idea of working abroad only evokes mixed feelings of nervousness as well as excitement.  For most jobseekers, working overseas is like a dream. But for this dream to become a reality, a realistic approach is mandatory; otherwise, it can turn into a nightmare. What are the keys to successfully find an overseas job? … Continue reading

Career Motivation Tips

Career motivation at an early stage of life is necessary for meeting the requirements of every profession. Years of experience are required for becoming a successful doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. as it will give you a firm grasp over your skills. Early age career motivation is necessary for children so that they can explore their … Continue reading

Work From Home

As unemployment is on the toll these days, working from home is seen as a better alternative to avoid unnecessary expenses and earn easy money. There are lots of benefits of starting a business from home itself. Have you ever thought of working from home? If yes, then this article will prove to be a … Continue reading

Should I ask for Promotion?

No one wants to be stagnant on the position they are working. Appraisals and promotion is mandatory so as to boost an employer’s moral. For all those who wish to gain a better position at work, the main question that haunts them is ‘Should I ask for promotion?’ It becomes important to question yourself about … Continue reading

How to Handle Getting Fired

The very idea of getting ‘fired’ itself is very scary and sends jitter down the body. Are you scared what would your reaction be on getting fired? Getting fired can even happen to the best of us. It is not always because you are incapable of something but there can be many other reasons. In … Continue reading

How to Ask for Jobs

Are you intimidated of asking for a job, just for the fear of getting a “no” response in return? Is your ego, pride, the fright of embarrassment or self-consciousness hindering your personal and professional growth? Don’t worry. There are three simple ways by which you can approach the subject without actually saying “Can I please … Continue reading

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