Phone Interview

With the number of candidates increasing day by day, it becomes difficult for the recruiters to select candidates for campus interviews. Taking personal interviews is chaotic and a tedious task. To save time and fasten up the selection process, companies thought of short listing the candidates through different means like by:

  • Phone interviews
  • Online interviews

For those who don’t know the importance of phone interviews and has no idea how to crack them. Here is a write up providing answers to all your queries regarding phone interviews.

What are phone interviews?

Phone interviews are considered as the first level of the interview process, candidates clearing it are called for the next level personal interviews. A person hired by the company calls up the candidate and asks certain general questions.

Tips to crack a phone interview:

Here are some useful tips that will let you confidently clear the phone interview.

  • Your introduction should be direct and clear enough. You can have a small conversation with the interviewer before the main interview starts.
  • Ensure that your voice is clearly audible to the interviewer. Also, timely modulate your voice as it is the only way to show your expressions on the phone. Your interest in the job can only be communicated through the modulation of the voice.
  • Even though you are on the telephone you should always smile as it will be reflected in your talk.
  • Always keep the job details and your resume near you. Also, keep a piece of paper and a pen, you might need to note down something.
  • Candidates often feel that they have to dress up for a phone interview. You can, so as to get a feel that you are in a face-to-face interview.
  • Always sit in a noiseless place away from all kinds of distractions.
  • If you have prior intimation of the details of the interview then prepare yourself a bit. You want to know how?
    • Garner complete information about the working of the company
    • Prepare a short introduction about yourself
    • Have your goals and the reason for your being interested in the given job profile

For some technical posts the interviewer might ask specific questions so be prepared. Always ensure that your voice should be crystal clear and your background free from noise. By following the above mentioned tips you could easily clear a phone interview.

Essential Do’s To Follow During Internship

The concept of internship has become more popular with the youngsters who are ready to work free of cost just to gain work experience. Besides the main goal of learning more about the job and industry, another reason for the internship arises, when a trainee wants to secure a fulltime job offer.

This write up is for the interns who wish to have a successful and smooth internship.

So, while doing internship, an intern must follow a set of rules that are as follows:

  • Always take the first step:

    • While the internship period, try and utilize each and every minute to give a good impression of yours. Don’t miss any opportunity to meet and interact with the supervisor of the company. Be interactive and cordial with everyone especially with the supervisor.

    • Sit with your supervisor and discuss about the areas you face problems with. Try and get timely feedback from your seniors at work. Discuss and ask about how you can better yourself.

    • Be open for criticism. These sessions with the supervisors are sure to get you good and bad remarks. Consider these sessions as groom up sessions and use them as a means to transform you into a complete professional.

  • Try to grasp as much as you can:
    During the course of internship, it is necessary to keep your eyes and ears wide open. It is the best plot to get exposed to the maximum amount of information and knowledge. Don’t let these opportunities just pass by. Try to get as much as understanding and working of the company as possible.Even if you are invited for a seminar or meetings, don’t let go the chance so easily because it is the only place where you can get to know about your company. Be a good observer and try to get maximum exposure to the working of the company.

  • Be specific:
    Always ask necessary questions while trying to avoid unnecessary and pointless questions. There can be many times when you might not be able to understand certain things and hesitate to ask. But always remember that everything is new to you and for becoming an efficient professional, you must intervene in between and clear your doubt. But try and avoid needless questions as it can irritate the other person and give a negative impression about you.

  • Be a good learner:
    Always be open for learning something new. Don’t think that if you know something, then you are proficient enough but rather listen to others and try to grab other essential information. Pay attention and learn a lot of things which you were not taught in your schools or colleges.

  • Have an idol:
    It is always positive to have an influential person in your confidence and letting him know that you actually idolize him. Take him as your mentor to learn new things and it is sure that his experience and expertise can work wonders for you.

So, if you follow the above mentioned points, you are likely to get a job offer from the same company in which you are doing internship. Try and give your 100%, while you’re on training session for assurance of getting a job offer in the interim period itself.

Exercise to Improve communication Skills

While conversing with others, do you usually let others do the most of the talking? In this fast moving generation, where communication plays a pivotal role for one’s survival, do you hesitate in approaching someone? Do you want to enhance your communication skills? If you are searching for any exercise to improve your communication skills then start doing the left and right coordination exercises to instigate your creative abilities by making use of your non dominating hand. Again now a days communication in english is very much required for Sales/Marketing job & Call Centre/Operations.

Principle of left right coordination:

No matter how old you are, you have immense control and power to improve your communication skills. It is proved that the left brain of human being is responsible for completely different functions and is usually the analytical one. On the other hand, all the creativity, art, intuition and the use of words is done by right brain. It is important to improve the connection and communication between the two hemispheres of the brain as it increases the functionality of the brain. This synchronization between both the left and right brain improves the peace of mind, harmony, reading, comprehension and develops better concentration and focus. This all finally enhances your communication skills.

Tips to improve communication skills:

♦ Use left hand for brushing teeth. In case you are a left handed person, use your right hand to brush your teeth.

♦ Before having food, wash your hands properly. Use left hand to eat food.

♦ Polish your shoes with left hand.

♦ Use left hand to draw a diagram.

♦ Try doing all the household chores using your left hand.

♦ Start mirror writing with right hand.

♦ Learn the art of writing using left hand.

♦ Try and learn writing using both right and left hands.

So, try doing all your daily work using left hand as much as possible. This is certain to help you become more creative by developing better concentration and focus. These tips, if exercised regularly and properly are sure to help you enhance your communication skills.

How to Turn Your Internship into a Job

Job InternshipOrganizations seek interns who are willing to work with limited or no pay and exhibit go getter attitude. Candidates enthusiastic to work for gaining experience and have strong work ethics are preferred by the companies.

The valuable skills like professionalism, ability to work in team environment, competency to work independently etc. learnt during that internship period helps a lot in future career perspectives. If you have the potential to build valuable professional contacts and show signs of dedication as well as hard work; you can easily turn your internship into a full time job.

Here are some simple steps that will increase the likelihood of turning your internship into an excellent career opportunity.

Play it right
Enjoy the whole experience of internship and play your cards right whenever necessary. Develop a strong desire of changing that temporary part time position into a full time permanent job. Work on your special professional characteristics that will grab the attention of the employer.

Meet and greet everyone
Excellent communication skills with positive attitude help in nurturing valuable work relationships. Take initiative of introducing yourself to the supervisors and exhibit friendly attitude to everyone you meet. A simple greeting creates a lot of impact on your colleagues as well as your seniors.

Positive demeanor and helpful attitude will surely give a brilliant start to your career. Your eagerness to do everything that your internship requires with a smile makes you the most ideal intern. Your courteous and friendly attitude with co-workers will definitely pay off in the long run. Your employer will take notice of you if you get along with your colleagues well and work co-operatively. Your ability to manage conflicts and proficiency deal with high pressure situations are valuable add on for your attitude.

Ask Questions
Taking advantage of your student status by asking questions about everything, which is not clear to you, gives a positive impression to the employer. They believe that the intern asking questions is enthusiastic to work and really want to understand about the industry. Internships can prove to be a great learning experience that will boost your career and any other metro cities. Jobs in Delhi / NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Checnnai etc.

Find a Mentor
Try and learn from those you admire for their sharp skills, knowledge, expertise etc. Mentoring relationships developed during internship remains for longer period. True professional enjoys sharing his experience with the learners, so it’s better to take their assistance for entering the professional field.

Be Available
For transforming your internship to a permanent job position, you need to remain available to your employer. Your availability at crucial times gives them an impression that you are interested to get a permanent job.

When your internship period comes to an end, do not hesitate in talking to the employer directly about the permanent job. You never know, he may be interested in keeping you as an integral part of the team. Your enthusiasm, dedication for work and above all following these simple tips will definitely yield fruitful results for your success in the professional front.

Internship Interview Tips

Job InternshipMany students apply for internships but only the fortunate ones get the call for the interview. Most of the companies’ shortlist candidates on the basis of the resume and use interview as a final cut for choosing the right contender. So, if you have received an interview call from the company for internship then your interview is the only chance to make an impression on the employer.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you go through the internship interview smoothly.

Prepare yourself
Preparation is the real key to a good interview and researching about the company is the foremost step of interview preparation. Selecting appropriate and comfortable attire for interview is very much necessary. A candidate should always take a copy of his/her resume while going for an interview. Practicing sample interview questions will be an added advantage.

First impression is the last impression
Making a good first impression creates a lot of difference even before starting a verbal interview. Being yourself, a firm handshake, maintaining eye contact with the interviewer throughout the interview creates a positive impact on the employer. Be comfortable and relaxed for setting a stage for the successful interview.

Emphasize on your achievements and skills
Maintain focus on your achievements and special skills, which you have attained during the course of time. Express your previous work experiences and display your communication, analytical and problem solving skills.

Answer the question only after understanding it
Asking interviewer to repeat the question or clarify it is best for answering the question properly. Candidate should understand what the interviewer is trying to ask before answering it with full confidence.

Highlight your positive points
The employer may show interest in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Whenever such question comes, it’s always better to emphasize on your positive aspects. For weaknesses, highlight the points on which you need to improve and also tell about the steps you have taken for improvement.

Maintain confidence till the end
Ok, you started off the interview with utmost level of confidence, but ending it with the same is a crucial thing. Thanking interviewer promptly for his/her consideration and valuable time will give stress on your good qualities.

Apart from all these, using correct grammar, avoiding jargons and informal language and being positive throughout will definitely open the gates of success. You can always expect to hear back from the employer if you follow these simple steps while going for the internship interview.

Right time to change your job

Changing a job for most of the people is a cumbersome task. Meeting failures in the course of job changing lowers the moral of the candidates and they become highly discouraged. The people who are employed wish to change their job but are not able to decide when.

It may sound weird but people generally wish to know the right time when they could search for a job or carry out a job change. As you all know every work if carried out at the right time fetches good and desired results. Similar is the case with job hunting. Here in this write up we will you provide you information about the ideal job hunting or shifting time. So, just relax and carefully have a glance at what we say….

The ideal job hunting time : The moment you feel uncomfortable in the job you are in, think of moving on. Working in an environment that is suffocating for you might cause problems for you.

What can be the reasons that make you feel uncomfortable at job?

Tensions with the seniors (managers, directors, etc) :- If your seniors or boss is not supportive and do not listen to your complaints then it becomes difficult to work in such an office.

Companies degrading conditions :- If you find that your company’s financial growth graph is continuously decreasing then it is an alarming call for you. This is the right time to change your job.

Office Politics :- Working among extreme politics of the office is really difficult. It hampers your progress rate and creates uneasiness. So, it becomes necessary to look for a job change.

No appreciation :- Everyone demands his or her due rewards. If an employee is not appreciated for the work he/she feels discouraged. A little bit of encouragement or reward boosts the moral of the employee. But if you are not getting what you should then simply move on to another job.

Feeling underpaid :- If the feeling of being underpaid sinks in the employee’s mind then it becomes difficult for an employee to continue the job. So, the moment you get this feeling either communicate it to your seniors or look for a change.

Thus the above mentioned are only the few reasons for changing the job. There are various others that can compel you to make a change. So, don’t just think rather make an effective move.

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Job Hunting and Job Search Mistake

What do you think of the job hunting procedure? Searching a job for most of the people is wearisome. It is considered to be a difficult task as it involves lot of patience, time and have to bear rejections. Do you think the same? If yes then in this write up you can find ways to lessen the chances of your rejection in an interview.

Job hunting problems in the current times….

It is the world where competition is getting tougher as the candidates applying for the job are all equally qualified. The problem arises for the interviewers as it becomes difficult for them to choose among the qualified and talented candidates. So, in that case even the minor mistakes might end up in you being rejected or disqualified.

So, here are some mistakes that must be avoided while on a job hunt:

Grammatical errors in the resume or questionnaires :- Imagine your cover letter having a spelling or grammatical error. This is something that is a must to avoid as it offers a bad impression of you on the recruiters. Mistakes in the questionnaire or resume are considered to be lack of attention on the part of the candidate.

Avoid using strong perfumes or Deo’s :-  Strong fragrances might irritate some recruiters as some people are sensitive to certain smells. Also, you must avoid wearing flashy accessories as it gives a wrong impression to the recruiters.

Talk sensibly and behave normally :-  Say NO to unacceptable terms or slang while having a conversation with the recruiter or interviewer. Most of the companies have their HR executives placed in the interview room only to judge the gestures and language of the candidate.

  • Sit in the right posture
  • Do not talk more than it is required
  • Offer thank you note :- Discuss the content with the recruiter and try to ask relevant questions. After being selected for a job you must offer a thank you note. Candidates not sending a note might loose respect in front of the recruiter.


    Why to register with job portals?

    The time has changed and so are job-searching methods. Earlier jobs were searched either through newspapers or through references but now with emergence of job portals, searching of job has become faster, simpler and easier. Experience of searching jobs with job portals is simply magical; it is actually a boon for job seekers and to find uptodate jobs in India.

    What actually are job portals?
    Job portals or placement portals are the online platforms through which recruiters and job seekers are connected to each other. These portals have earned popularity because of the increasing access of the internet. Both, the companies looking for the employees as well as candidates, register with these portals and get linked without any hassles.

    How to register with a job portal?

    For Candidates : A candidate just has to fill in the details like Qualification details, Experience, Personal details, Skills. You have to upload your CV on these portals, through which you will recieve desired job offers.

    For Recruiters (companies, consultants, agencies etc.) :
    The recruiter has to create a profile filling in their details about their requirements. You are provided with ID with which you can login on the portal and by filling the search criteria you can get resumes of candidates matching with your requirements. The registration is absolutely free for the candidates as well as for the recruiters. Yet few value added paid services are also offered by these portals, in order to get faster and more filtered results.

    But you must be thinking why is so important to register with a job portal?
    Here are some points that will help you understand the importance of job portals and the reason why you should sign up with a job portal:

    Wider reach :- With the coming up of job portals now it is easy for a candidate to apply in all parts of the world. Boundaries are not a matter of concern anymore. E.g. A person sitting in India can be contacted by company of U.S.A.

    Easy to apply :- The process of filing a job application is very simple and can easily be understood by all. Just few simple clicks and your job application is submitted. It is that easy on the job portals.

    Fast and effective :- The process of calling the candidate for an interview is faster. Also, revert action on the application filed is quicker. The companies or the consultancies contact you and fix up the interview. Job alerts, emails, resume services, etc. are provided by the job portals that ease the members.

    Provides ample of options :- The portal has thousands of members so a candidate as well as the recruiter has numerous options to choose from. Job catalogues of different companies from various industries like IT, Teaching, Engineering, etc. are available on the job portals.

    Easy to search :- Searching a suitable job or a candidate is very easy on the portals. The search can be filtered out on the basis of your requirements. E.g. if you are a then you can search for jobs in engineering section.

    Latest updates :- These portals publish a variety of blogs and articles that can help you in your career. E.g. Blogs on How to frame a resume, Interview Questions, etc.

    24×7 assistance :- The job portals have their chat rooms and helpline numbers to assist the candidates as well as recruiters. These help lines are open all day long.

    Thus the above mentioned benefits of signing up with the job portal will enable you to understand how important and effective is signing up with the online job portals. So, go and register yourself today and enjoy the benefits.

    Effectiveness of Aptitude tests

    If you love the job you are in or work with lot of interest then your professional life becomes smooth. You love your work only when you are efficient in doing it and then only you can enjoy it thoroughly. So, it is important to identify your strengths and skills to get into the right job. Also, in the world where the competition is getting tougher day by day, it become mandatory to assess your abilities so as to identify the career best suited for you.

    How can you assess your abilities?
    It can be done with the help of aptitude tests. Most of the schools, private coaching centers, and counseling centers conduct aptitude tests.

    What are aptitude tests?
    They are self-assessment tests taken by a person in order to acknowledge his/her abilities and skills. These help in assisting the candidate to select right kind of career for them. Aptitude tests are framed by experts who understand the human psychology.

    Aptitude tests throw light on your:

    • Personality type and traits: let you know whether you are an extrovert or an introvert?
    • General Attitude: Lets you know how spontaneous you are and how you react to given situations.
    • Interpersonal Skills: Aptitude tests help you to judge your interpersonal skill, which is very important to know for selection of right career.
    • Inherent abilities: Everyone is gifted with some or the other talents that you might not have noticed. With the help of these tests those skills emerge out.
    • Mental capabilities: lets you know whether you are creative, good at calculations, etc.

    Mental capabilities: lets you know whether you are creative, good at calculations, etc.

    Benefits of taking aptitude tests :- This is what everyone wishes to know that what benefits we gain by taking aptitude tests.

    • It helps you identify your strengths and skills
    • Helps you examine your natural preferences
    • Helps you work on your weak areas
    • Helps you enter the appropriate career

    Easy process
    A series of questions are asked covering various aspects like hobbies, areas of interest, questions on certain situations, etc. People usually think that aptitude tests are difficult to solve. NO, it is a wrong notion; you don’t have to prepare for it. You just have to honest and answer spontaneously Thus our write up must have given you strong reasons to go and take up these aptitude tests and get into a job best suited for you.

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