Content of Resume

Which according to you is the document that introduces you to the recruiters? Yes, it is the CV or Resume.

What is a resume?
It is basically a document that represents you in front of the recruiters. If your resume is not strong enough then you might face failure while seeking a job.

Need of the hour
With the advancing time the demands of the job seekers have raised and thus modifications in the style of resume have become mandatory. Your resume should be catchy and at the same time informative in order to hold the interest of the recruiters. A well writ but detailed resume might not help you and probably irritate the recruiters. So, you must be thinking what your resume should look like? Here are some very basic tips that will assist you in framing an appropriate Resume and especially guide you about the content that needs to be added.


  1. Before framing your resume carry out a thorough research on the company’s background: this can be done by:
  2. The formatting or order wise arrangement of the information is a very important thing in a resume. So, you must keep the most relevant details on top (relevant to the job applied). E.g. experience carries more importance than qualifications for certain posts.
  3. Do not simply list what all duties or responsibilities you shared in your last job rather highlight how you accomplished them. Do mention the special actions that you have taken in order to successfully carry out your duties
  4. Certain skills that you possess that are not required for the job applied should also be mentioned. You can have a separate section for it e.g. ‘special skills’ section.
  5. Try and convert your weakness into your strength. If you have applied for a job that asks for qualifications that you don’t possess. Then wave off that weakness of yours by highlighting your strong points.
  6. If you have very less experience then educational qualifications should be duly highlighted.
  7. If you are still a student and working part-time or lending your services to a NGO then clearly mention it in your CV. This will showcase you as a multi tasker and also portray your time management skills

Thus following our tips the content of your resume will be made suitable for the applied job. Also, apart from the content pay due attention to the font style, spacing and other formatting details as it will ease the reader to go and directly pick up the required information. So, only add relevant information in your CV.

The Roles of Resumes and Cover Letters

What is the first thing that you are asked for while applying for a job interview? Yes, a resume or CV. Along with a Resume, the other important thing that is a requirement of the current day is a Cover letter.

What is a Resume and Cover Letter?

Resume :  It is a document representing your educational and professional qualifications.

Cover Letter : It is a document, mainly sent along with CV that communicates your suitability for the job.

For all those who wish to know what role does a resume and cover letter play, this write up is a apt one.

Whether you are submitting your resume online or in person, it is important to provide a Resume and Cover Letter that has a perfect format. With the world progressing and technologically advancing, companies and placement agencies have started using different software to shortlist or select the Resumes & Cover Letters.

So, these electronic Cover Letters & Resumes need to be designed keeping in mind certain points like:

  • It should contain certain keywords like job titles, etc. through which the software easily searches your document.
  • It should be properly formatted and ensured that the document opens in the same format at the recruiters end as well.
  • The cover letter being the front page should be brief, to the point and informative. It should run in not more than three paragraphs containing largely the educational skills and your interest in joining the concerned job.
  • How your Resume and Cover Letter be framed?

    1. Firstly come out of the shell and try new styles of writing a Resume and Cover Letter. The research shows that the recruiters are now uninterested in the set Resume and Cover Letter formats.
    2. The focus of the resume and the cover letter should be on the achievements and experience
    3. The content should be free from spelling and grammatical errors
    4. The font and style chosen should be simple
    5. It should have only relevant information


  • After going through an attractive and relevant Cover Letter and Resume, the employer builds up interest in you
  • It is your key of getting the desired job
  • A well-designed resume makes your document stand out
  • Thus Resume and Cover Letter are the two documents that will help you acquire a suitable job. So, cautiously design these documents, also you can take the help of a web professional. get an attractive and well-framed Resume and Cover Letter and increase your chances of getting shortlisted

    Avoiding Online Job Scams

    If you are signed up with a placement agency or any placement portal then your Inbox will always be flooded with a number of job offers. In today’s world, there is a cut throat competition and the opportunities for jobs are constantly increasing. Mails, classified ads are full of job advertisements. But the dilemma in the minds of the people is that whether the jobs offered online exist in real or not?

    As most of such jobs are part of the scams so it is difficult for people to identify the real ones. We will give you ways in which you detect the online job scams.

    Spell or Grammar Errors :- This is one of the easiest ways of identifying the job scams; a legitimate firm or recruiter will always ensure that their content is free from spell and grammatical errors. Having such errors in the content raises a question on the credibility of the company.

    Billing info :- Billing Details ‘Sign up’ fee If any of these options is there on the ad or the website then it might be a scam. A company never asks a candidate to pay them money. What they ask for is only your CV.

    Contact Details :- Mostly in scam job ads there are insufficient contact details. Address, fax, Email ID is provided them but no phone number is provided then it is possible a case of scam.

    Response :-

    • If a number provided is answered by a computer then it might turn out to be a scam.
    • If the call is answered then you must ask questions about their location or the working details, scammers flinch away from these questions
    • The response of the email should be quick and to the point

    Besides the above mentioned points also the recruiters always look out for experienced and skilled candidates. Phrases like ‘No Experience Necessary’ are never to be found on authentic sites or ads. Also, salary details are generally not quoted. Thus after going through our write you will be now able to distinguish scam jobs from the real ones. So, pay due attention towards these mails as it is a wastage of time. Carefully apply for the suitable job.

    Follow up with Recruiter

    When you are in search of a job you tend to make a lot of mistakes. Sticking more than required to your recruiter might land you nowhere. It can turn out to be negative. Your passion and need for a job are the driving factors that force you to commit such mistakes. It is very necessary to be in touch with the recruiter but that doesn’t mean overdoing it. The job of the recruiter is to organize an interview for you only if you are eligible for the job. If they have a vacant position suitable for you they will contact you. So, unnecessary disturbing the recruiter with your mails might annoy them.

    After you submit your resume at the office or have gone through a preliminary interview rounds, the further course of action depends on the feedback from the companies.

    The reaction from the companies is often delayed due to various reasons:

  • Need for that position is not that urgent
  • The person responsible for giving the final decision is not present in the city
  • These factors slow down the recruitment process. The recruiters are not to blame for this.

    Do not take hasty steps 
    Most of the time, the recruiters provide you with a deadline by which they will get back to you. If they do not contact you there is no need to worry or do things in haste.

  • Do not Frequently Call up your recruiter
  • Do not email them often
  • Do not visit their office
  • All these things might irritate the recruiters and the tables could be turned.

    Thing to do:
    Politely call once in a two-three weeks and ask about the interview process
    You should post an email to the recruiter once or twice a month

    Thus it is important to follow-up with the recruiter but paying more than needed attention towards them can spoil your case.

    Interview Preparation & Questions

    What do you think is the most imperative step of a recruitment process? Interview is the most integral part of a recruitment procedure. The word ‘interview’ sends jitters down the body of the candidates. Nervousness and shakiness instantly hits the candidates. Whether it’s a fresher or an experienced candidate, interview scares all.

    Preparation for an interview :-
    You can join a placement agency that conducts interview training sessions
    Make an online search for the do’s and dont’s during an interview
    Can join personality development classes

    Like a student who wishes to get a hint of the examination questions, candidates also searches for predictable interview questions and their answers. If you are the one looking for such a write up, then here your search ceases. We provide you with some sure shot questions and the way to prepare them.

    1. Tell me about yourself
    This is largely the first question that is asked by the interviewer. This question is asked in order to start the conversation. The answer to this should be straightforward and describing you as a personal brand. Simply tell them your qualifications and your skills.

    2. What were responsibilities that handled in your last job?
    This answer is to be answered in detail and very specifically. Always relate your responsibilities of the last or the current job with the job that you are being interviewed for.

    3. What is your greatest weakness?
    Everyone has some or the other weakness. While answering this question always ensure that you portray your weakness into your strength.

    4. What is your greatest strength?
    The answer to this question should be such that your strength becomes your asset. Answer this truthfully but don’t go overboard and boast about yourself.

    5. Why do you want this job?
    While answering this question, don’t show them that you are in need of the job. You just have to tell them your interest is due to the job profile as well as the reputation of the concerned company.

    6. Why should we hire you?
    In simple terms the interviewer asks you about your USP. You just have to demonstrate your skills and achievements by giving firm examples.

    7. What are your salary expectations?
    You must have a fair calculation of what salary you want. Take some time to answer this question and quote the figure very patiently.

    8. What are your goals for the next five years / ten years?
    This question is asked in order to know how focused you are and whether you have an aim set for yourself. Answer it by giving a detail about your future goals.

    The aforementioned are the most commonly asked questions but there are several others that can be asked. No question is tough, you just have to understand them and answer them confidently and candidly.

    Questions to Ask When Negotiating Salary

    When a person is selected for a job, the first thing that comes to his/her mind is about the amount he will receive as the salary. The company asks about the expected salary of the candidates in the preliminary rounds of the recruitment procedure. Both the recruiter and the job seeker have their own say in these matters. When selected for the job, negotiations are open. Your performance at the negotiation desk decides your salary and other facilities that you will avail in the company. Also, your negotiation skills help your recruiters in understanding your potential.

    You must be thinking what should you ask the recruiters while negotiating and how your impression can be bettered. We provide you some questions that when asked in a polite manner let you win in the negotiations.

    Following are the questions:

    “Is this negotiable?”
    Let the recruiters offer you an amount; you can always ask if they can pay you more. If they refuse you can negotiate on other things.

    Is this base salary?”
    Conforming about whether the salary offered is base or the total salary is a good question. This question lets the recruiter know that you are keen on knowing the bonus and other incentive details.

    “When would you like an answer?”
    Ask for some time to give your reply. Do not present any answer in haste. This allows you to ponder upon the offer and make a thoughtful decision. Never tell them that you need to discuss the offer at home as it will showcase your lack of confidence.

    “Will I get the offer in writing?”
    Always ask for a written offer letter. It will reaffirm your job offer.

    “When should I join?”
    This question is asked in order to confirm that the offer made is firm. Most of the companies want you to join at the earliest possible. Your refusal to join on the date offered by them disappoints them.

    “Can you please brief me about the job?”
    This is a vital question that should be necessarily asked as it will verify whether the job offered is similar to the one discussed in the interview.

    “What is the procedure for evaluation?”
    Evaluation is the most imperative part of an employee. Based on the evaluation, an employee

    Besides, there are various other questions that you can ask like details about the PF, Health Coverage facilities, etc. Thus these questions asked in a professional and polite manner can bag you desired salary and portray your proficient negotiation skills.

    Find Jobs by City : Click Here

    Internship Application Process

    Filling an internship application form is not an easy task at it seems to be. There are certain things which should or should not be done while filling the application. Your internship form is the ultimate key that will catch the immediate attention of the employer. The form you are sending should stand out from the other forms and give you an edge over your competition. Through this, we are giving you some tips for filling an appealing internship application form that will instantly lead you to the path of success.

      Filling Written Forms : - Its is better to take photocopy of the form even before you start filling it, so that you can practice on the photocopy just to assure that the information you are going to fill would fit in the given spaces. Black is the standard ink for filling application forms, unless the employer specifies any other ink.

      Filling Online Forms :- Registration is the foremost step when you are filling in an online application form. Once you get the main application form make sure that the details you are giving for registration are true and are also carefully recorded at your end. This will help you in maintaining consistency in both registrations as well as application form. It is advisable to double check your application form before submitting and it would be best if you take print out of it for your reference.

    General guidelines for filling different sections of the form

  • Be honest while writing your employment and education details because they are easy to confirm
  • The format of forms varies from each other. It is possible that in some forms they may ask about the modules and grades of your qualifications and in some you may just need to summarize them.
  • Be careful while giving the names of your references and make sure that the person you are mentioning would give positive feed back about your personality. Also, not forget to ask permission of that person before entering his/her name in the form.
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