Job Hunting Tips and Hints

The completion of education marks the end of the carefree period of life. The struggle of life begins thereafter, the search for a suitable job begins. We all know that getting a desirable job is not that easy a task. The job market is flooded with candidates all having required qualifications. So, in such a situation finding a preferred job becomes a complicated affair. If you are seeking a job and don’t know what steps will assist you in getting a job faster, then our write up will prove very useful to you.

We offer you helpful tips that will help you in hunting jobs:

  Prepare an attractive CV :-  A CV or the Curriculum Vitae is the primary thing that is needed for applying a job. It is a document that carries your educational and personal details. Also, it carries your career objectives and aims. It should be framed with due care as it is the reflection of your persona.

Tips that you should follow while creating your CV:

  • First and foremost it should be attractive, different kinds of layouts are available these days that can make your CV look different.
  • It should be to the point containing everything that is relevant.
  • Ensure that the work experience that you have offered is in accordance with the job applied.
  • Your achievements should be properly highlighted.
  • Ensure that your CV contains no spelling and grammar errors.

  Signing up with different Placement Portals :-  As the Internet has gained more access employers head towards web for seeking employees. Various placement portals have come up that serve as an ideal platform for job seekers and recruiters to connect with each other. So, you must sign up with different placement portals to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

  Expand your social circle :-  Having a well-coordinated social circle improves your chances of getting links for a job. More the references more are the opportunities of getting a job.

 Create an Offer Letter :-  Having an offer letter has become an equally important thing as CV. It gives you an edge over others. So, frame a professionally sound offer letter to better your chances of acquiring a job.

 Seek proper advice of Placement Consultancies :-  Register yourself with a placement agency and make sure that you convey all your details to the consultant.

So, shun off the nervousness and fear of not getting a job. Our tips will help you to find an appropriate job at the earliest possible. So, just follow our tips properly and be confident.

Job Search Tips for Older Job Seekers !

The job industry is open to all age groups. Age factor is not something that is much valued. ‘Old is gold’, more the experience you gain more is your value in the market. People who have worked for 15-20 years but are now unemployed feel depressed that they will not get any job. But this is a wrong notion “Experience Counts”. Many industries look for experienced professionals. In the world of cut throat competition GenX is preferred but trained and experienced people always have a treasured place. If you are an experienced person looking for a job, our write up will provide you the tips to find a new job.

Following are the 5 golden tips that will help you in searching your Job

  Remain Flexible :-  Don’t just stick to older notions. Come out of the shell that you were in for the past few years and try out new things. Don’t restrict yourself to a particular field rather try out different fields. Example: if you have been in a field of sales, you could move to finance.

 Adopt new trends :- Seeing the changing trends of the market, duly update your skills. Try and get the knowledge of new technologies that will help you to prosper in your field and increase your face value in the market. E.g. Get yourself updated with the computer skills.

 Search for all the options :- Just grab the job you are offered and meanwhile search for different options as you are qualified enough. Self-assess yourself: your strengths, your capabilities and your skills and then search jobs accordingly.

 Be confident about your experience :- Always remember that you hold years of experience that will give an edge over the young job seekers. Instill confidence in yourself but don’t become overconfident and overdo things.

 Grow your network :- Try and expand your network, talk to neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. and hand over your Resume to them. Also, you could widen your network online by joining different social networking sites. Doing this, will let you improve your chances of finding a job.

Don’t consider your age as your barrier. Follow our tips that guarantee that you will find a suitable job even at an older age. Just be a smart player and grab the suitable opportunity.

Improve company business by empowering employees

Global entrepreneurs have evolved umpteen methods so as to operate and expand businesses successfully. Be it’s logistics, hospitality, real estate or IT sector, business improvement techniques have been evolved significantly all around the world. However, it’s been observed that a very little emphasis has been laid on improving company business by empowering the employees.

In today’s business world, the strength of employees can be effectively utilized for business generation. Here, we are discussing few methods of improving the company business through the empowerment of employees. These methods, if followed prudently, can give new dimensions to your business growth.

 Unite Employees : - A business said to be successful only if fulfils certain criteria, most importantly among them is employees’ unity and their work in collective manner. Your business functioning would achieve higher results if all of your employees are working cohesively.

 Creating Engagement : - Employees’ engagement in work sharing and respective decision making can add up to company’s growth exponentially. All you just need to create engagement of employees in different respective tasks and empower them with appropriate authorities, which will give them a sense of belongingness and induce to attain higher results to reach next level.

 Sharing Opinions : - An opinion has its own pros and cons; some opinions bring fruitful results whereas some are devastating in nature. Hence, you should provide proper space to employees to share their opinions and adopt them if they are expected to bring fruitful results. This will give employees a sense of belongingness and they would also feel their growing importance in the organization, they’re working in.

 Impact observation of opinions and its communication :- The impact of the opinions in company’s growth should be duly observed and at the same time it should be conveyed to promote employee engagement and customer loyalty. The due recognition of their opinions and praise would boost up their morale and so improve the company.

Why don’t people laugh at workplace?

Laughing at workplace is perceived as an eccentric behavior and its impact influences (positively or negatively) the work flow, as this perception varies from individual to individual. There are so many corporate who think that it’s an essential thing which reduces impact of undue work pressures and gives relax to the human resources, if sprinkled controllably over entire working hours. However, the phenomenon is completely different at many places where people don’t laugh, rather prefer to focus on all other official duties.

1. Non-suitability : - A number of office-goers think that laughing at work is totally inappropriate, as they strictly need to be in “Corporate-Mode” even if something really hilarious happens around. But, the practical office life is totally different from this perception, leaving certain instances when it’s really inappropriate to laugh on issues like during crucial business meetings, any jokes by competitors, serious announcements etc. There are several instances in which you can laugh (except giggling and guffaws) like after reading funny IMs, Emails, during meetings etc.

2. Impact on Repute : - Generally, the tendency of people ends during school time that what people think of them if they laugh on things. But, it’s observed that this tendency of people persists even after reaching corporate world. Somewhere, people think that what people around think of them and how it’s going to effect their reputation on just laughing. It’s the fact that laughing is an activity which is directly attributable to any personality, even if some people don’t. The same applies to your work place, where you would definitely laugh at things for which your mind thinks is funny. Though, your mind will surely check whether the superior or peer is laughing on the same thing or not. So laughing is admissible unless any serious discussion is going on.

3. Scope of Funny Events : – It’s true that workplace is not meant for fun and enjoy. But at the same time, it’s also evident that workplaces haven’t remained untouched of humor and fun at times. So if something occurs like funny, then there emerges scope of laughing. Hence, people may laugh rather than working robot-like creatures.

4. Laughing : – A Non-Customary Trend As laughing at workplaces is a non-customary culture, due to which people usually don’t react on the humors happening all around. However, there is no constraint on laughing if it done on sensible humors.

How to Cope With Your Difficult Boss

 Most of the people have to deal with difficult boss at some point in their lives. Your boss can be a little pushy, rude or even abusive sometimes, which in turn might affect your work. Some people think that a difficult boss somehow controls their personal life by making them live in a constant fear and lowering their self esteem. If your work life is stressful then your personal life tends to suffer. Without a doubt, your supervisor has the complete control over your basic needs that forces you to bear him out of the fear of losing your job. Here are few tips to cope up with your difficult boss and handle tricky situations with smartness.

 Maintain low profile :-  Staying out of your boss’s hair is the best thing, especially when he is picking on you for no reason. Most of the supervisors are biased and frequently make a big issue out of nothing. So it’s better to avoid controversial things, which may cause damage to your image.

 Stick to your work : - Doing your work perfectly and proving your caliber will not give your boss any reason to make your life difficult. Sometimes he may pile loads of work on you as he knows that you can complete it and won’t even refuse his order. In such situations, instead of making yourself stressed because you are not able to complete the work on time, just talk to your boss firmly and explain him why you won’t be able to take on more work than you already have at that moment.

 Do not bring work home : - Try to get into the habit of leaving work at office and not bringing it to your home because that will only add to your level of stress. Keep your professional life separate from your personal life as much as you can. This also includes having friends who you don’t work with so that you can detach yourself from your work life rather than bringing it home with you. If you are not able to cope up with the stress then it’s better to search new job rather than sticking to the old one.

 Know when to stay silent :- It is true that superiors hate being proved wrong, especially by those who work under them. So it’s better not to confront your boss, even in situations where you know that you are right and your boss is wrong. Instead of staking your job at risk, it’s always good to apologize, get on with your work and save yourself from further harassment. The situation can be understood and accepted more easily by putting yourself in your boss’s place.

Following these simple steps will not only benefit your professional life but also bring calmness to your personal life. Tackling a difficult boss is not a complicated thing, a bit of patience and understanding can bring harmony in your relationship.

How a Job Placement Agency Should Work

Career is the most integral part of everybody’s life; it is planned and chosen with utmost care. The day you get over with your studies, the next step is to find a suitable job. Internet, newspapers and friends are consulted in order to get information about the jobs available. But these days the most consulted people are the placement agency consultants.

What do you think is a Placement agency?

It is a platform where employers and employees get connected. It is an agency that helps a job seeker finds an appropriate job and employers a suitable employee. Government has its employment exchange that was set up years ago and is still active. But apart from it private agencies have emerged, providing quicker and better services.

How does it work?

Placement agencies are increasing in number. They are mushrooming at a rapid rate; you can locate hundreds of them in a city. They register a candidate for free and after you are placed they charge some percentage of your salary. As the world is advancing and the competition is getting tougher, assistance of placement agencies has become essential. But it is very important to choose a right source. The placement agencies find a job pretty fast but there are various wrong notions in the mind of the candidates that needs to be cleared out.

Here are some points that should be kept in mind regarding the working of the placement agency:

  Should help you in framing your Resume and Cover Letter :-  If your resume and cover letter has flaw your chances of getting selected reduces. So, a placement agency shall assist you in making an organized resume.

  They should train you for interviews :- They should help you in preparing for the interviews. This will help in building up of your confidence and will help you combat nervousness.

  They should train you for interviews :- They should help you in preparing for the interviews. This will help in building up of your confidence and will help you combat nervousness.

 They should conduct tests :- A placement agency should conduct regular skill enhancement tests that will help the candidates in performing well in the written tests conducted by the companies. Also, this help in identifying the areas of improvement.

  They should not charge any money for registration :- The placement registration is for free. So, they should never charge any amount at the time of registration.

Point to remember:  Do not completely rely on the agency to find a job for you: This is one of the commonly made mistakes. You should not completely rely on the agency for finding a job for you, your involvement is equally important.

From the aforementioned tips you must have concluded that though these placement agencies find a job for you at the earliest possible but that doesn’t mean that you are hired. Your own caliber and skills are the only deciding factors. If the above mentioned points are followed by a placement agency, it is working appropriately.

Create a vision for your career

On the onset of any work or job, the two prime things that decide the fate of getting a success are the ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’. After the setting up a mission, a visual perception of the path to be taken to achieve that mission is seen. A career that has no vision is actually a failure and an unsuccessful one. Your vision is your career coach that will take you on a successful journey.

Why you should have a vision:
>> As any career has to face a lot of ups and downs, a set vision can let you remain calm and makes you capable of fighting the extenuating situations.
>>  It gives you a thrust to move on in life despite hurdles.

How can you create a vision for your career?

Following are some of the points that must be considered while creating your career vision:

  Claim What You Want and don’t want
Assess your ambitions and abilities and lay down what you want from your career. Your interests and the capabilities shall be considered simultaneously in order to create an achievable vision. In addition to this, also keep a track of things that you are not good at.

  Fight the Fear
When a person sees a vision, he/she is scared whether it will be materialized or not. This fear lets down the courage. So, it should be combated and focus shall be laid to create a vision and steps to follow it.

  Self questioning
Self questioning is the best method. Before setting up your mission and vision you must be clear about your expectations from your field and where you wish to see yourself in some time.

Ask yourself questions like:

What type of company I want to join?
For how many hours shall I work?
What salary should I expect?
Which are the jobs that I could handle?
Where I want to settle?

There are numerous other questions other than this that shall be answered before you frame a vision for your career.

 Assume it as a game
Don’t just waste your time, once your vision is created, you must start following it. Take it as a game and smoothly head towards its utmost level.

 Be positive
Always follow a positive approach and shun off the negative vibes and logics. Just be open to change and receptive to new ideas. This will enable you to create your vision for career in a more effective manner.

The above mentioned steps will be useful to you only when you are strong-willed and have determination to attain higher goals in life.

Job Search Strategies for Career Transitions

 Being stable in a job for years together is a reflection of your consistent performance and loyalty for your company. Some people believe that career transition might pose a threat to their career. Especially in times of recession, job insecurity is prevalent. A career transition can be forced as well as self-willed; it can make your life go topsy-turvy.

Need of the hour- a job search strategy plan

Having a well-organized job search strategy plan could help you find a suitable job. Internet is flooded with various placement portals and company databases that assist you in searching a job. But without a strategic plan, these appear as a complicated mesh.

You must be wondering what can you do re-brand and re-position yourself in the job market?  We provide you with some useful strategies that can be used in order to re-establish yourselves and acquire an appropriate job.

Identify Your Target area :- You must examine yourself, your job target and your abilities before framing your Resume. Ask few questions to yourself
Whether you want to continue in the same field?
Whether you want just a lateral movement?
Are you pursuing your dream job?

Emerge out as a Personal Brand : - In today’s world it has become necessary to be a brand. If you are unable to recognize your potential or in simpler words your USP (unique value proposition), the job search that you are making is a failure. So, the first and foremost thing that you should do:

  • Is to know why a company should hire you?
  • List your achievements.
  • List out things that make you a cost-effective employee

Frame an Achievement-Focused Resume :- Have a well-organized and formatted Resume. It should be precise, carrying all the relevant information related to your education and career.
You can use the following formula:
This is a 100% tested formula and will lead your way to success.

Have a Portfolio :- The world is advancing at a lighting fast speed and so are the trends in the job market. A resume is no more a sufficient tool to earn you a job, a well made portfolio can take you places.

A portfolio carries your :-
Career biography
Accomplishment summary
Cover letters
A portfolio is made for both the employers and the job seekers. Uploading your portfolio on the web space lets the recruiters search you easily.

Expand Your Contacts and Networks :- Joining different committees, networks and forums related to your profession. Also, join social networking sites like Facebook, Ziggs, etc. These could help you acquire a wider exposure and let more and more people know you and your skills.

Optimize the Online Job Search :-  While searching online, optimize your search. Sign up with focused online job boards that lay focus on specific fields, job function, etc. This will give you an edge over others competing with you for jobs.

Thus our tips shall let you plan your job search strategies in a better way and your career transition will turn out to be productive.


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