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Job Hunting Tips and Hints

The completion of education marks the end of the carefree period of life. The struggle of life begins thereafter, the search for a suitable job begins. We all know that getting a desirable job is not that easy a task. The job market is flooded with candidates all having required qualifications. So, in such a … Continue reading

Job Search Tips for Older Job Seekers !

The job industry is open to all age groups. Age factor is not something that is much valued. ‘Old is gold’, more the experience you gain more is your value in the market. People who have worked for 15-20 years but are now unemployed feel depressed that they will not get any job. But this … Continue reading

Improve company business by empowering employees

Global entrepreneurs have evolved umpteen methods so as to operate and expand businesses successfully. Be it’s logistics, hospitality, real estate or IT sector, business improvement techniques have been evolved significantly all around the world. However, it’s been observed that a very little emphasis has been laid on improving company business by empowering the employees. In … Continue reading

Why don’t people laugh at workplace?

Laughing at workplace is perceived as an eccentric behavior and its impact influences (positively or negatively) the work flow, as this perception varies from individual to individual. There are so many corporate who think that it’s an essential thing which reduces impact of undue work pressures and gives relax to the human resources, if sprinkled … Continue reading

How to Cope With Your Difficult Boss

 Most of the people have to deal with difficult boss at some point in their lives. Your boss can be a little pushy, rude or even abusive sometimes, which in turn might affect your work. Some people think that a difficult boss somehow controls their personal life by making them live in a constant fear … Continue reading

How a Job Placement Agency Should Work

Career is the most integral part of everybody’s life; it is planned and chosen with utmost care. The day you get over with your studies, the next step is to find a suitable job. Internet, newspapers and friends are consulted in order to get information about the jobs available. But these days the most consulted … Continue reading

Create a vision for your career

On the onset of any work or job, the two prime things that decide the fate of getting a success are the ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’. After the setting up a mission, a visual perception of the path to be taken to achieve that mission is seen. A career that has no vision is actually a … Continue reading

Job Search Strategies for Career Transitions

 Being stable in a job for years together is a reflection of your consistent performance and loyalty for your company. Some people believe that career transition might pose a threat to their career. Especially in times of recession, job insecurity is prevalent. A career transition can be forced as well as self-willed; it can make … Continue reading

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