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Objective of Group Discussions

GD is a common term that is a vital one in the life of the job seekers. Group discussion is a prevalent tactic used as an important tool for personality assessment. This is a commonly used method to evaluate overall personality of candidates. This technique is proved to be highly efficient to gauge the basic … Continue reading

Career Planning

 ‘Career’ is a term that has utmost importance attached to it. Right from the time when a child is born discussions about what he/she will become starts. In school, class Xth is the deciding class for the students where they could opt for the stream that they wish to pursue in the future. So, the … Continue reading

Does It Really Matter if you’re a Workaholic?

In the period when the economy is facing tough times, you will rarely find people criticizing about their jobs. The people who are employed feel gratitude towards their employers even if they are dissatisfied with their jobs. Apart from them are people who work tirelessly 24×7 and pay attention towards their job only. These are … Continue reading

36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work

Resume or C.V or Bio-Data is the most important document that is required at the time of finding a job. It is the first thing that is to be presented to the interviewer or the employer. It is the representative of yourself and contains information about your educational qualification and work experience. With the advancing … Continue reading

The Most Difficult Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Interview is the term that sends jitters down your body and goose bumps tend to develop. A job interview is an important step in the ladder of your success. But why is this term so frightening? The answer to this is lack of confidence and less preparation; these are the factors that turns an Interview … Continue reading

10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Make

When a well-settled professional plans to switch his job, what do you think are the reactions of the people around? They discourage you, believe that you have gone out of your wits and offer you all kinds of taunting statements. But if you have an apt reason for moving to another job then these retorts … Continue reading

Nurture your Personality

A person to a professional Recession, slowdown, increasing competition, high expectation, performance pressure and lot more (sorry if I haven’t mention the one bothering you), are just compelling beginners to set themselves under strain. Yes time is demanding and no doubt that you have to prove to be the Best yet there is nothing to … Continue reading

Tips for getting a job in the recession period

Recession is a term that fills terror in the minds of people actually suffering from it. It generally brings unrest in the job market and stock exchange. Thousands of people lost their jobs and the ones that are looking for job have to wait endlessly. If you are unemployed and searching for tips that can … Continue reading

Resume facts Employers Will Never Check

The first thing that a job seeker is asked for is his/her resume. Special emphasis should be laid while preparing a resume in order to make it interesting and at the same time effective. What problems do you generally face while making a C.V.?- assembling the facts in a logical manner, making the resume interesting, … Continue reading

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